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CitroŽn in Canada

In the nineteen forties, a number of people privately imported CitroŽns into Canada and it is believed that many of these were built in England.  The Slough factory built a number of left hand drive Tractions for export to the USA, Canada and Switzerland.

CitroŽns were initially imported into Canada by a private entrepreneur called Harry Dubrowski whose business was called Auto-France on CŰte-des-Neiges in Montreal.

In 1961, CitroŽn Canada Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of CitroŽn in France took over both the business and the premises of Auto-France.

CitroŽn Canada Limited opened branch offices in Toronto, Kenogami Quťbec, Montreal, Sherbrooke and Vancouver.

In 1973, the Vancouver branch was closed and the following year, the company ceased trading.

CitroŽn in Canada 1961 Track & Traffic test of the CitroŽn Wagon 1963 Canadian D series brochure
1965 Canadian D series brochure 1965 'holidays europe citroŽn' brochure 1968 Canadian D series brochure
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CitroŽn Canada
CitroŽn Canada
CitroŽn Canada CitroŽn Canada

CitroŽn Canada
CitroŽn Canada

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