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Mut(il)ated CitroŽns

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So why do people mutilate perfectly good designs?

Blair Anderson says `There's almost nothing I can stand less than people taking a fine automobile like any CitroŽn (except for, maybe an LN/LNA) and modifying it. I have been known to go way out of my way to ensure that my cars are as close to original as possible.' A sentiment I echo. CitroŽn's design teams have been responsible for some of the most beautiful cars ever built. How can one improve on perfection?

CitroŽn offers "visual tuning" kits for the current range of cars.

I strongly recommend that you are seated while looking at these pictures...

Visit Claude Westbrook's PhotothŤque for some pictures of much nicer cars than this "Mercedes A Klasse" monstrosity.

This picture shows how not to restore a Safari. The car is finished in a fluorescent green that has to be seen in the metal to be believed!

Another one from Tony Stokoe - CCC members will have already seen this one. Once upon a time, this was an elegant Xantia.