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The Chapron Cars

La Croisette Cabriolet

In 1958, Chapron turned his attention to the DS, the first fruits of his endeavours being the la Croisette Cabriolet. 
This car is noticeable for employing the rear wings of the Berline and for covering the join between the wing and what would be the rear door of the Berline with an hideous vertical chrome strip.
This conversion was undertaken without the approval of CitroŽn and Chapron was obliged to purchase complete cars rather than chassis and engines.

The 1959 model also used the berline's rear wings but the join was covered by a far more elegant, angled chromed strip than hitherto.

Public demand was so great that CitroŽn asked Chapron to build a cabriolet based on Bertoni's design proposals. 
The result was the Usine Cabriolet below which was sold via the dealer network.

The 1960 version used a new, one piece rear wing which was also used in the Usine cabriolet.  In fact its likeness to the Usine car meant that the La Croisette was dropped in 1962.

Le Paris

In 1958, Chapron offered the hard top le Paris which used the body work of la Croisette and the factory rear wings.

In 1959, le Paris acquired the angled chrome strip fitted to la Croisette.

Le Caddy Dťcapotable

Le Caddy was shown in 1959 and was the first Chapron DS to be designed with the single piece rear wing. Early models used the berline front doors but these were lengthened in 1960.

Left Henri Chapron alongside a Le Caddy at the 1960 Paris Salon. 

An optional hard top was available above.

The rear wings were redesigned in 1965 - the car on the right is a 1967 DS 21

Le Dandy Coupť

1960 saw the launch of le Dandy - effectively a hard top version of le Caddy notwithstanding that that model was available with an optional hard top.

Along with le Caddy and Concorde, the rear wings were redesigned in 1965

Concorde Coupť

The Concorde was launched at the 1960 Paris Salon and along with le Caddy and le Dandy, the rear wings were redesigned in 1965