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The Chapron Cars

Palm Beach Dťcapotable

The Palm Beach Dťcapotable, like the le Caddy originally used rear wings that were very similar to those of the Usine car - these were changed to the straight edged ones in 1965. An optional hardtop was available.

Majesty Limousine

Above Henri Chapron alongside a Majesty Limousine

Left and above and below - some versions were fitted with rear 'suicide' doors.

Le Lťman Coupť

Shown at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show, le Lťman was only available as a hard top.

Lorraine Limousine

Despite continuing to make the Majesty, Chapron introduced the far uglier Lorraine in 1969.

In addition to the range of special CitroŽns, Chapron also built the Prestige and the Usine cabriolets for CitroŽn.

Chapron also built a special, elongated DS (left) for President de Gaulle which was delivered in 1968.