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Ami 8

A day when each small hope was cherished, when only the future mattered, a happy day so long awaited.
Ami 8, the car for festive occasions, impatiently waits to carry off the newly-weds to their new world.  She will be faithful to them.  Ami 8 is the product of Citroen's renown for fine engineering.

Remeber the day when for the first time you felt good to be alive?  Remeber the day when you first looked in wonder at everything you saw?  The Ami 8 is the car for festive occasions.  No need to bend double to get inside.  You won't crease your dress - or your suit - either.  Perfectly controlled fresh-air ventilation which won't blow your hair about.
Everyone sits comfortably.  You can talk easily.  The Ami 8 is quiet, only listens to the one who is driving.  And answers easily to every subtle command.
Ami 8 is pretty.  Ami 8 is obedient.  All her controls are placed near the steering wheel, within easy reach.  The steering wheel is carefully angled to give easy handling and a comfortable driving position.  The steering is light and direct.


Engine : twin cylinder, 4 stroke, O.H.V.
horizontally opposed, air-cooled 602cc (74 x 70)
Compression ratio 9:1.  Aluminium, cylinder heads.  Oil cooler.  Maximum power 35 b.h.p. SAE at 5750 r.p.m. (32 b.h.p. DIN at 5750 r.p.m.) maximum torque (SAE at 4750 b.h.p. DIN at 4000 b.h.p.) (sic)
Gearbox : 4 speed, plus reverse
Steering : rack and pinion
Transmission : front wheel drive with double constant velocity driveshaft joints.  Final drive ratio 8 x 31
Clutch : single dry plate.  Centrifugal clutch optional
Suspension : all 4 wheels independently sprung by coil springs, with interaction between front and rear.  4 hydraulic shock absorbers.  4 inertia dampers.  Front anti-roll bar.
Brakes : hydraulic on all four wheels.  Front inboard discs, rear drums.  Hand brake : mechanical on front wheels.
Electrics : 12 V system.  390 W. alternator.  30 A/h battery.
Weights and dimensions :
kerb weight : 1543 lbs.
Total laden weight : 2315 lbs.
Wheelbase: 7 ft. 10 ins.
Front track : 4 ft. 1½ ins.
Rear track 4 ft. 0 ins.
Overall length : (no measurement given)
Overall width : 5 ft. 0 ins.
Capacities : Fuel 5 gallons
Engine sump : 4½ pints
Gearbox : 1½ pints
Maximum speed : 70 m.p.h. plus
Fuel consumption : 41 m.p.g. DIN

The Club finish on the Ami-8 (hyphenated all of a sudden) Saloon has been created to give you more luxury and extra equipment.
Coachwork : stainless steel glass surrounds, door surrounds and quarter light surrounds.  Stainless steel rubbing strips on coachwork lower waist.
Interior equipment : floor carpeting.  Seats trimmed in Jersey cloth and simili.  Separate front seats fully adjustable for rake.
Fully trimmed boot.

Basic characteristics similar to those of the Saloon, with the following exceptions :
Big capacity 5 door estate car.  Full height rear door for easy access.  Rear seat folds and is removable.
Reinforced suspension.
Tyres : 135 x 380 Michelin X, Radial.
Maximum speed : 40 m.p.g. DIN (sic)

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