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Iranian CitroŽn Jiane brochure

At a guess, this brochure for the Jiane, Jiane Mehari (Baby Brousse) and Mťhari dates from 1970 or 1971.

Pharsi is written from right to left

Eisenhower Ave.,

Tel.  972071 - 972075


Jiane Mehari

Jiane Sedan

Jiane Mehari  F. G.

Jiane Pickup

Jiane Pickup covered

Jiane pickup covered, Deluxe

(note: the word for covered pickup is pickup with roof, also the word pickup is used in the Pharsi text.)

Jiane automobiles go through tough and rigorous testing before delivery

Designed for a variety of tastes and functions.

When it is Jiane's time for duty, it is suited for people looking for ease, because it is easy to buy, easy to drive, and economical to maintain

Jiane Sedan

A car with two distinct personalities
Nice and beautiful like all Citroens
Hard working and tireless like all Jianes

And yet it will not overheat and tolerates all weather conditions

For economy and upkeep no automobile can compete with the Jiane

Jiane's engine has no radiator, water pump or hoses, and no water gaskets

For hauling cargo, distributing goods and a variety of transport use, the Jiane pickup is beautiful, dependable and hard working

Jiane Pickup

Maintaining all the characteristics of the sedan, it is an economical way for carrying goods with a maximum capacity of 535 Kg

Deluxe model of covered pickup has lockable sliding rear glass, it is roomy for carrying delicate goods and compact for easy parking

Covered Pickup (Pickup with roof)

No other vehicle at this price has the technical advantages and load capacity of the Jiane

Besides the special tyres, Mehari is a car for variety of uses in and out of the city, for the young and the young at heart

Mehari Pickup

Like all Jianes it has front wheel drive that gives it good road holding ability

All Mehari pickups are equipped with special all season (snow tread) tyres

A mode of transport for everyone and for all tastes

Fibreglass* Mehari

Another product of Iran Citroen Co. to add to the Jiane lineup

* The Mťhari as built in France used a body made of ABS.  It is not clear whether the Iranian version used ABS or, as stated here, fibreglass.

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