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CitroŽn DS stories in Asia / Histoires de CitroŽn DS en Asie


Pierre Jammes






€ 37,50

I asked Brian Drummond to review this book since I was one of the proof readers

Brian has been a member of the CitroŽn Car Club since 1965, joined the then Standing Committee in 1967 and has had an active role in the running of the club ever since, including a spell as Magazine Editor.
He is currently Club Chairman a post he has held for the past 20 years. He has owned a variety of CitroŽns over the years, but his current pride and joy is appropriately a DS21.

This is a very different book to those published previously on the DS. The author, Pierre Jammes, is a Frenchman, whose career took a major change some ten years ago, which not only involved him leaving France and moving to Asia, but also parting company with his beloved DS.

However, the DS was not forgotten and throughout his travels he carried a photo in his wallet and wherever he went this was produced with the question 'Have you ever seen one of these?'.

The book is a result of the positive answers he received in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China Sri Lanka and India.  These produce stories of  local enthusiasts going to great lengths and ingenuity to enjoy the experience of owning a DS, despite the trials and tribulations of doing do so when often little support was available. The more adventurous also took part in local rallies with some success.

He discovers stories of DS's owned by Heads of State and French diplomats, some of which still exist, and tracks down Museums in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and China, which have DS's on display. In Tokyo, where he now lives, he discovers an enthusiast who is also a pastry chef and makes chocolate DS's.

There are chapters covering dealer adverts in various languages and appearances in films, TV advertising and motoring magazines.

Of course, while all this was going on Pierre had to have a  DS of his own and is now the proud owner of a gold 1972 DS21, which is beautifully photographed in the atmospheric streets of Bangkok. 

The hardback 220 x 240mm book runs to 250 pages and  has literally hundreds of high resolution photos supported by explanatory text in English and French.

It is a labour of love, painstakingly researched over many years, is beautifully produced and I can highly recommend it to any CitroŽn enthusiast.

It is published by Citrovisie in the Netherlands who specialise in books relation to CitroŽn and can be purchased via their website www.citrovisie.nl priced Euro 37.50.

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