CitroŽnŽt is delighted to host Steve Weinert's International CitroŽn H-Van Conspiracy
Built in France (mostly) for almost 35 years, better than a half-million of the H-series vans were created. Many were the standard 14 ft long corrugated vans, stereotyped in so many French movie scenes. Others were converted by official CitroŽn approved coachbuilders to meet special needs.

logo (C) by Mr Ronald Slabbers, H-Van friend!
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There were also Zone-Blue versions, Dutch Built versions with conventionally hung doors and other rare unusual variants.  My HY-Van (early vans are H-vans, later models often had another letter indicating load capabilities) is a 1972, purchased from the French Government and imported to the USA. It is the rather less common Type-C extension (1m overlength extension, and 1m wheelbase extension). As an all-window version it is particularly light and airy to drive, and less noisy than the standard version. Though certainly an ex-government vehicle, the exact usage is not confirmed, but the general belief of the department that auctioned the van is that it was used as VIP transport by the French Airforce or one of their schools.