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The Pony was built in Greece by Namco, the Greek CitroŽn concessionaire in a factory constructed specifically for the purpose in Thessalonika.

In 1972, the Pony was introduced at the Thessalonika Trade Fair, after an agreement was signed with CitroŽn. The car had been designed by CitroŽn on a 2CV platform as part of a 'basic world car' project that would eventually lead to the CitroŽn FAF.

The Pony and Baby Brousse preceded the FAF and were not derived from it, notwithstanding similarities in appearance.

In 1974 Namco started production in their new plant in Thessalonika. The Pony or Pony-CitroŽn's success was due in no small part to a law which gave tax breaks for light utility-passenger vehicles. It was also the lowest priced vehicle in its category and was both robust and practical.

The car was modified over the years to keep it up to date. Almost 30,000 Ponys were produced and it was exported to many countries around the world including the USA.

There were two basic versions, an open top vehicle not unlike the Baby Brousse and a roofed version similar to the FAF.

This latter vehicle used the mechanical components of the Dyane 6 and had a welded steel body and was more luxurious and better appointed than the Baby Brousse version.

Above - CitroŽn Pony (FAF) with owner, Stathis Pitsinigos.

Above and below - official publicity shots of Pony

Above and below - official publicity photo

Above and below - official publicity shots

Above - official publicity photo

Below - interior uses LN instrument binnacle and GS door handles

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