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All the odd stuff that doesn't fit into any other category


90 ans
The first ninety years

2 CV racing - on water!
This has to be seen to be believed!

2CV Desert Dinghy
Autocar's 1958 review of the 2CV Saharienne

Abandoned technologies
The Peugeot-imposed banalisation of CitroŽn has resulted in many technological solutions being dropped

1998 British accessory brochure covering AX, Saxo, ZX, Xantia, XM and Synergie

Article from le Double Chevron on the art and science of streamlining

Aťrodynamique brochure
1981 brochure on the art and science of streamlining

Ami Super brief test
Autocar 1973

1991 brochure about the Aulnay factory

Autocar Auto test
GS 1220 Club (1973)

Autocar long term report
GS at 36,000 miles (1974)

Autocar buying secondhand
CitroŽn GS 1974

Autocar describes fascinating new CitroŽn
Launch of the CX in 1974

Autocar Auto Test
CX2000 - first British road test (1975)

Autocar Test Extra
GS-X2 (1976)

Autocar Long Term Test
CX 2000 Safari 1977

Autocar Auto Test
CX 2200 Pallas

Autocar Auto Test
CX2400 1977

Autocar Auto Test
CX 2200 Diesel

Autocar Buying Secondhand
Citroen CX (1980)

Autocar Auto Test
Visa Super (1980)

Autocar long term report
CX2200 Diesel at 12,000 miles

Autocar long term report
CX2200 Diesel at 18,000 miles

Autocar test
of futuristic CX with unusual automatic transmission (1978)

Autocar French Car Review
Citroen CX Safari

Autocar's analysis of the LN
Hasty hybrid (1976)

Autocar - MŤre Peugeot’s Citroen
Visa described (1978)

Available on the Xsara and C5, AutoPC takes New Information and Communication Technologies (NICTS) to new heights

Back to the future
CitroŽn has chosen architect Manuelle Gautrand to renovate its Champs-Elysťes showroom

Bernard CitroŽn
An obituary by John Reynolds

BFG - a motorcycle powered by CitroŽn's flat four
The BFG concern manufactured bikes using CitroŽn's air cooled horizontally opposed engines

...or 'visual tuning' if you prefer

C1 review
CitroŽn's go-kart

C3 review
The series 2 C3 scrutinised

Success in the 2015 ALD Automotive Fleet World MPG Marathon
C4 Cactus BlueHDi 100 S&S manual car returns 103.28mpg and returns 68.64mpg

CitroŽn's "new" showroom in the Champs-Elysťes opens and closes

C42 houses new DS3 Store...
and wins prestigious prestigious World Architecture News award

an intriguing assortment of cars and concepts, past and present

2011 calendar from CitroŽnŽt

2010 calendar

2009 calendars

Car Magazine Giant Test
CitroŽn DS23 up against the NSU Ro80 and BMW 520 in this 1973 road test

Car Magazine Giant Test
CitroŽn GSA Club Estate up against the Vauxhall Astra L and Peugeot 305GL in this 1981 road test

Car Magazine Where's the progress?
1971-v-1991 CitroŽn GSX3 compared with CitroŽn ZX Reflex in this 1991 article

Car Of The Century competition
The CitroŽn DS came 3rd with 567 points. First was the Ford Model T with 742 points and the Mini came 2nd with 617 points

Chamber Of Horrors
Not for the faint-hearted

Chrysler - CitroŽn agreement [1978]
CitroŽn to supply drive shafts for North American market

CitroŽn - a brief history
A short overview of the story of the company and its founder

CitroŽn - a global company
Details of PSA Peugeot-CitroŽn's worldwide operations

CitroÍn D5
The star of the 2012 Mondial

CitroŽn Graphic Art by Russell Wallis

Customise your CitroŽn!
Body kits

CX factory
An Autocar article from 1976

Top flight Citroen (sic)
An Autocar article about the CX GTi from 1977

CX GTi AutoTest
Autocar road test from 1977

Directors appointed in 1978
Messrs. Ravenel, Lombard and Karcher assume new responsibilities

DS - product of the century
CitroŽn DS wins product of the century at FX International Design Award ceremony

DS3 review
A brief look at the baby of the prestige DS range

Efficient Modular Platform 2
PSA Groupe's new multi-model platform

Exterior design
CitroŽn C6 garage - the ultimate accessory

Fred Annells obituary
06.01.1925 – 31.5.2014

In June 1969, to mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of CitroŽn's first car, Relations Publiques published a book containing drawings of numerous cars.

Geoff Matthews 1946 - 2015 Obituary
One of Britain’s most influential and charismatic car designers

GS vs Alfa Sud
Motor Twin Test from 1973

A brief history
of the most innovative automobile manufacturer

Hybrid Air
A high tech offensive for environmental performance

CitroŽn's second generation hydropneumatic suspension system

Hydractive 3
CitroŽn's fourth generation hydropneumatic suspension system

The jewel in CitroŽn's crown

1977 Hydraulique haute pression brochure
High pressure hydraulics

The Practical Classics photo shoot

I was Flaminio Bertoni's assistant
Interview with Henri Dargent

Selected essays from my Iconoclast column in the CitroŽnian - the magazine of the CitroŽn Car Club

In 1970 CitroŽn launched two new models
While the SM was a technical cul de sac, the GS set the mould for the modern front wheel drive medium car.

Interior design
CitroŽn's avant-garde dashboards

Is the car responsible for global warming?
Governments worldwide seem determined to blame motorists for damaging the ecosphere

Joe Judt 1921 - 2016 Obituary
President of the (British) CitroŽn Car Club and long term editor of the Citroenian passed away on 20th April 2016

Monholo Oumar's proposal for a leisure pickup

Knitting pattern
For chevron pullover

Merger with Peugeot
Article from le Double Chevron 38 in 1974

Success in 2015 ALD Automotive Fleet World MPG Marathon
C4 Cactus BlueHDi 100 S&S returns 103.28mpg and Berlingo L2 750 LX van achieves 68.64mpg

Motor road test
SM Injection in 1973

Musťe CitroŽn Relations Publiques
Before the Internet and before CitroŽn created the Conservatoire, the company made available to museums and other interested parties models and cars.

Next Generation High Pressure Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Engine
CitroŽn's Xantia HDi is the first car to benefit from PSA's super new diesel techology

Over the years, CitroŽn has entered into partnerships with other manufacturers

Photoshop realisations
By Jens Christian MÝller

Plus Áa change
Thirty years of CitroŽns

PRN Satellites
The ultimate in control ergonomics

PSA Peugeot CitroŽn creates a 5th stroke for the diesel engine
...and cleans up particulate emissions with the launch of the DW12TED4 engine

Presidential cars
Presidential limousines by Franay, Heuliez and Chapron

A new generation of high efficiency three cylinder engines

1989 brochure iabout the Rennes factory in Brittany

Safety brochure
1981 brochure in French and English explaining the company's approach to automotive safety

Safety brochure
CitroŽn and active research for passive safety - probably from 1984

Safety brochure
1990 brochure in explaining the company's approach to automotive safety

The Ken Smith interview
To British CitroŽn enthusiasts of a certain age, the name Ken Smith is well known. For those unfamiliar with the role he played during Slough's glory years, read on

Style - either you have it or you don't
An article from le Double Chevron about CitroŽn styling

A reproduction of a booklet issued by CitroŽn in the early sixties to explain the rationale behind the hydropneumatic suspension system

Suspension problems and the hydropneumatic answer
1981 booklet

The Competitors
The post war years in France saw some tough competition from Renault, Peugeot and Simca/Ford

The Great CitroŽn Watch Mystery
A detective story...

The Pretenders
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

There's safety in numbers
A reconstruction of a British newspaper advertisement for the DS - one of the first to major on automobile safety

Unmistakably German
- no laughing matter says John Reynolds

Wankel rotary engine
The story of CitroŽn's Wankel rotary engine including a rotary-engined helicopter

What Car? : Fancy French - or standard Triumph?
What Car? compares GS with Renault 12 and Triumph Toledo (1975)

Xantia HDi LX (90 bhp)
Road test 

The CitroŽn Car Club Xantia column - which used to be written by me

Xsara 1,9TD Estate
Road test