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Fabricados en Argentina

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Above - IES 3 CV Sķper Amťrica

Above - Citrovega pickups outside a CitroŽn dealer in Buenos Aires

Above - IES Carga

Above - 3CV

Above - Pickup - note the smaller rear window than that on the Citrovegas above

Above - AK400 Fķrgon

Above - 3CV

Above and below - Citrovega pickup which used rear panels based on those of the Mťhari

Above - IES 3CV hatchback circa 1975 - 1978

All of the pictures above and left were taken in Buenos Aires by 2CVGB member, Julian Gough who visited Argentina in the early nineteen nineties.

Above - 3CV

Above - 2CV AZU

Above and below - IES 3CV Sķper Amťrica hatchback