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Made in Brazil

The Brazilian C3 Aircross


While C3 Picasso confirms its commercial success by being the first of its kind in Europe, CitroŽn presents the first images of its ęfirebrandĽ Latin American version called C3 AIRCROSS, whose marketing is planned from the second half of 2010.

Entirely conceived, designed and manufactured in Brazil to plant in Porto Real, this variation of the C3 Picasso is CitroŽn's response to customers seeking a Mercosur model-based with adventurous, bold and seductive styling.

With its commanding view of the road, highly-positioned headlights, chromium-plated double chevrons and its more open air intake the C3 AIRCROSS embodies strength and expressiveness.

The longitudinal aluminium roof bars running from the windscreen to the rear of the vehicle allows a perfect balance between form and function. The Buggy diamond wheels and mixed use tyres are a direct reference to a world of freedom and conquest.
The sill protector and signature AIRCROSS emphasises its original "off road"inspiration . Finally, the spare wheel asymmetrically positioned on the tailgate strengthen its membership of the SUV family SUV and suggests optimal load space.
By adopting the style and modernity that characterises the "Crťative Technology" signature CitroŽn C3 AIRCROSS offers access to a world of adventure, freedom and innovation to all those who want to go still further!

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