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From issue 65 (Autumn 1981)

Brave plans for the Oltcit

The Oltcit Company, outcome of the agreement between the competent organizations of the Rumanian State and CitroŽn, introduced (at Bucarest International Fair, in October 1981) a new car designed by CitroŽn and built by Oltcit in its Craiova Works; it is intended to be first marketed in Rumania and in the Comecon countries.

It is a very rigid front-wheel drive, 3-door, 5-seater monocoque saloon, of which two engine versions, each in one or two finishes, are available: Oltcit Special, with the Visa Special air-cooled twin-cylinder 652-cc integral electronic ignition engine; the other, the Oltcit Club, with the GSA’s air-cooled 4-cylinder 1129-cc engine.

Single disc diaphragm dry clutch. GS-type gearbox (with 4 synchromesh forward speeds and reverse) mounted longitudinally behind the engine. Transmission is by constant-speed joints (tripod on the gearbox side, Rzeppa on the wheel side).

Four-wheel braking by disc brakes, ventilated at the rear, hydraulically controlled by a dual circuit with a load-related braking limiter on the rear wheel.

The suspension is adapted to running conditions in Rumania. Four independent wheels, with a transverse parallelogram at the front, with longitudinal torsion bars and flexion blade. The rear axle comprises arms under tension and transverse torsion bars. Telescopic hydraulic shockabsorbers are fitted at front and rear, with clearance buffers for both up and down movements.

Certain features, such as the third door and the rear seat, which can fold down forwards, make these models highly versatile general purpose vehicles.

The windscreen is of laminated glass.

Shielding plates are fitted under the engine, the petrol tank and the front suspension blade.

The control panel’s design springs from the same approach that inspired those of the GSA and the Visa: it uses the “satellites” so prized by the CitroŽn Styling Section, but here in a horizontal version. These group most of the controls within finger-reach of the driver’s hands on the wheel.

Production is to start gradually during this year at Oltcit’s new Craiova works. With a roofed-in area of 3,767,000 sq. ft. it includes several areas: pressing, assembly, fitting, paintwork, final assembly shops and an engineering shop for the manufacture of engines and axles.

In due course, this industrial complex will be able to produce 130,000 vehicles a year. Part of its production will concern vehicles derived from the Rumanian type. CitroŽn will then undertake marketing of these in Western Europe and overseas.

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