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Dalat the Vietnamese Baby Brousse

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Citroën set up a subsidiary in Indochine française (French Indo China) in 1936. 
In 1970, the Société Automobile d'Extrême-Orient became the Société Industrielle et Commerciale «Citroën Xe Hoï Cong Ty» and specialised in the assembly of a version of the Baby Brousse called Dalat.
The Dalat was available in a number of different versions.
Production continued until the fall of Saigon in 1975.
In 1973 Citroën brought three Dalat bodies to France from Vietnam and analysed the design.
From these studies they designed a vehicle whose simple manufacture could be carried out without requiring heavy investments in pressing tools and used the Baby Brousse name originally used in Côte d'Ivoire for roofless vehicles and FAF for those with a roof. The Dalat predates the FAF.

(pictures above and right courtesy of Pierre Jammes)

Above and below the headquarters of Xe Hoï Cong Ty

(picture above courtesy of Pierre Jammes)