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Panhard et Levassor : 1891 - 1967

The firm of Panhard and Levassor was the first in France to manufacture an internal combustion engine in 1876.

Click here for pictures from the 1999 Panhard International

Above 1928 DS8

Above 1930 Type 68
Below 1931 6DS

Below 1930 36-6

Below, right and bottom 1932 6CS, 6DS and 8DS advertisements

Above and right 1933 advertisements

Above 1933 advertisement
Right 1933 advertisement

Above in February 1934, George Eyson set a new world speed record of 214 kph (133.75 mph) in in this 290 bhp 35 CV special

Right Panoramique

Above 1930 16CV with Gaston coachwork

Above 1931 6DS advertisement

The Panoramique (1934 - 1935) above left, above right and below was very American in style.

Above and below - 6-CS Faux Cabriolet Panoramique.

Above 1933 advertisement for the Panoramique and below 1935 advertisement

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