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CitroŽn 10 HP Type B2 and B10

1921 - 1927 (B2)
1925 - 1927 (B10)

The Type B2 was launched at the Paris Salon in 1921.

The B2 represented a development of the Type A with a more powerful engine and quickly achieved success thanks to its robustness and economy. It came fully equipped with electrics and tyres unlike much of its competition.

Andrť CitroŽn launched a fleet of Paris taxis employing a special version of the B2.

The B2 remained in production until 1927.

Body styles in 1922 included Torpťdo 4 Places in Serie, Serie Luxe, Tourisme Luxe and Sport finishes, Conduite Interieure 3 and 4 places, Coupť de Ville Serie and Grand Luxe and Landaulet Grand Luxe. The range was extended to include the elegant Sport Caddy, the Normande, the Taxi, a Cabriolet, a Coupť and a Trefle Torpťdo.

The B10 was launched in 1925 and was mechanically similar to the B2 but employed all metal (tout acier) coachwork.

10HP Type B2 and B10 10 HP Type B2 Sport
Number of cylinders Four
Cubic capacity 1 452cm3
Bore and stroke 68 x 100mm
Power output 20 bhp @ 2 100 rpm 22 bhp @ 2 100 rpm
Transmission Rear wheel drive via three speed gearbox
Brakes Foot operated drum on transmission shaft and hand operated on rear wheels
Suspension Front : single quarter eliptical springs
Rear : twin quarter elliptical springs
Rear shock absorbers on Luxe and all except base models from 1924
Steering Worm and roller
Top speed 70 kph

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