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CitroŽn Traction Avant 7CV

The Traction remained in production for twenty years and when it was finally replaced, it was still ahead of its contemporaries in all areas apart from styling and refinement.

The Traction Avant series of cars was one of the most revolutionary ever put into mass production. Among its avant garde features were:-

  • monocoque (i.e. chassis-less) construction

  • front wheel drive

  • torsion bar suspension

  • aerodynamic bodywork

  • rack and pinion steering (from 1936)

Although many of these features had already appeared in other cars, the Traction was unique in bringing them all together in one single vehicle.

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Below rear suspension

Above front suspension and driveshaft layout

Above the Traction was a front wheel drive, mid-engined car

Left A - gearbox B - gearbox driveshaft outlet C - driveshaft D - constant velocity joint

Below and below left suspension layout and smooth underside

Above close up of the Cardan shaft (constant velocity joint) which proved so problematic in early 7CVs.