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Accessories for the 2CV

Within months of the 2CV going on sale, manufacturers of automotive accessories put their products on the market - these ranged from the useful (front window stay) through the cosmetic (boot/trunk lid embellishers) to the utterly useless (one company even supplied replacement rocker box covers!).

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Mottez supplied a whole range of accessories including nudge bars for the Ami 6 as well as the 2CV, a hatchback, a child's seat, a folding rear seat and an under bonnet/hood mounting for the spare wheel.
Above - under bonnet/hood mounting for the spare wheel and jack
Above and below - long before the six light body appeared, Glac Auto provided one, together with windows for the AK 250
Above - Marchal provided a variety of accessories including an electric windscreen/windshield wiper and additional lights
Above - Carrosserie Raoul provided wind down windows

Above - SIPDO provided new pistons and barrels that enlarged either the 375 cm3 or 425 cm3 engine to 500 cm3
Above - Jaeger provided an electric fuel gauge
Above - GH provided all sorts of body embellishments which did nothing for the appearance of the 2CV as did Robri below
Above - ETs. Lucas provided these absolutely essential chromed boot/trunk lid embellishers
Above - AFSA supplied the Calglace window stay
Above - two lockable metal boot/trunk lids were on offer from Ste. Guilleman
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