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A 2CV for tomorrow

Issue 66

The German magazine "Auto-Motor und Sport" came up with the idea, in 1981, of organizing among its readers a contest combining styling and market forecasting.  The question set was: what do you think five of today's cars will look like in 1990?

Among these five cars, four were current German models, and one a French car now universally known and used: the 2CV.

Here are a few of the projects selected by the jury of specialists brought together by the paper.  Would our readers have concurred in their choice?

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1st : Jurgen A. Breun, of Dreieck Gotzenheim

2nd : G.H. Meyer, of Betzdorf am Sieg

3rd : Horst Pfefferle of Meerbusch

4th : Christoph Biermann of Essen

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