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2CV Production Models 1958

2CV AW Sahara

2CV 4 x 4 (1960 on)

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Two, one at the front and one at the rear
Number of cylinders per engine - 2
Bore and stroke per engine - 66 x 62 mm
Cubic capacity 425 cc per engine (850 cc total)

Fiscal power 5 CV
Maximum power - 24 bhp @ 3500 rpm
Maximum torque - 4 mkg @ 2000 rpm


155 x 380 (155 x 400 on early models)


One 6 volt 60 Ah battery
2 dynamos


Two - one per engine, located under front seats

Rear engine bay of prototype above compared with that of the production version right and below


Four wheel drive.

The two clutches are controlled hydraulically.

The two gearboxes each with four forward speeds are controlled simultaneously by the same floor mounted gearlever.

A lever permitted the rear gearbox to be run in neutral thereby allowing the car to be driven in normal front wheel drive mode.

The vehicle can also be driven by the rear engine only.

Front and rear quadruple universal joints are fitted.


Inboard drums on all four wheels, handbrake operates on front drums

Above , below and left prototype recognisable by the standard rear wings.


Top speed 100 kph
Fuel consumption with both engines - 9 litres/100 km on tarmac and between 10 and 12 litres/100 km off road

The 2CV Sahara went on sale in 1960 and remained in production in small numbers until 1966. A further single vehicle was built in 1971.

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