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2CV Production Models 1963 and 1964

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New model - AZAM (AZ Ameliorťe - or 'improved') launched with 18 bhp @ 5 000 rpm
New model AZA launched
AZ also fitted with 18 bhp engine
AZL continues with old motor
AZ (below) was fitted with a new instrument panel incorporating a proper speedo, fuel guage, battery charge light and electric windscreen wipers

AZAM (AZ Amťliorť or improved)
Bumpers were fitted with chromed over riders, wheels with hub caps, bright work was applied to the bonnet and headlamp surrounds
The interior was improved to incorporate front seats mounted on runners, improved seat coverings, indicator control mounted on steering column, sun visor for front passenger and new interior door handles

AZU Fourgonette
Side panels no longer corrugated thereby facilitating signwriting

AZA launched - fitted with new bumpers with over riders which would end up being fitted to all models apart from the AZAM which retained the chromed over riders.

AK 350 Fourgonette
Fitted with engine and gearbox from Ami 6
Bore 74 mm Stroke 70 mm
Cubic capacity 602 cc
Fiscal power rating 3 CV
Compression ratio 7.4 : 1
Power output 22 bhp @ 4 500 rpm
Torque 4.1 m.kg @ 2 800 rpm
Lengthened body
Unladen weight 605 kg
Maximum payload 350 kg


Only minor changes were made in 1964.

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