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2CV Production Models 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974

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Inertia dampers deleted from rear of 2 CV 6

2 CV 6 and AKS 400

External oil filter fitted


Lap and diagonal seat belts fitted


Both engines are modified to meet European anti pollution regulations

435 cc engine replaces 425 cc in AZU Fourgonette

Single spoke steering wheel fitted to 2CV 6


All models are fitted with rectangular headlamps

A very loose translation of an advertisement that CitroŽn was obliged to place in the early nineteen seventies when it was unable to keep up with demand:

What does the cheapest of all cars lack?

The 2CV is already the most economical of cars. To buy. To maintain. Its fuel consumption.

If she has one fault, it is that one must wait for delivery.

Such is the measure of success.

CitroŽn has put measures in place to increase production to keep up with the demands of its clientele.

This means that the 2CV is available for delivery within one month of the order having been placed.

CitroŽn has done what it must do and so must you.

Order today, you will have it in less than a month.

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