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CitroŽn DS & ID accessories

Above - for that 'American look' rear fins for the DS and ID
Below - overriders and lateral rubbing strips

Above and below in 1959, the Radiomatic radio was available as a factory-fitted or after market option.  This was fitted as standard on export vehicles.  Three versions were available - two for the DS and one for the ID plus one for the Panhard Dyna

Above the firm G.H. proposed two tone lateral embellishers, lateral rubbing strips, embellishers on the rear wings, bonnet motif, C-pillar embellishments, replacement hub caps and on the dashboard a wire tray to prevent items from falling off

Above Tubul offered overriders for the front and rear of the DS and ID (and the Simca P60)
Below the Sinti embellishments included stainless steel 'protection plates' at the bottom of the doors plus three embellishers fitted to the front wings and front doors, the purpose of which is unclear

Below Sabolux offered this two tone treatment to the lower doors and rear wings

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