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The DS Coupés


One of Citroën's first concessionaires was the Grenoble-based firm run by the Ricou family.

André Ricou proposed a number of variations on the DS theme, ranging from the "Barquette" left from 1958 through to DS no 00018 below the story of which is covered in the book "DS Objet de Culte" by Fabien Sabatès who is pictured here behind the wheel. This car was good for 170 kph.


Below left the Ricou DS driven to victory in Rallye de Corse by René Trautmann in 1958.

Below rightthe Ricou DS driven by André Ricou in the 1959 Neige et Glace.

The Ricou coupés were capable of 180 kph thanks to being both lightened and equipped with more powerful engines than the factory saloons.

Ricou also offered this transformed and lightened Berline below right.

Two levels of tuning were available 


Moteur Sport

Moteur Grand Tourisme 

Cubic capacity

1 911

1 911

Compression ratio

9,2 : 1

8,2 : 1


Two twin choke Solex carburettors

Two twin choke Solex carburettors

Power output

125 bhp @ 5 500 rpm

100 bhp @ 5 500 rpm

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