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CitroŽn GS Energetique by Jean-Pierre Lihou

In 1976 starting with a GS X2, the artist Jean-Pierre Lihou created his concept of the "Energetique" by performing a color progression of 73 different colors combined with a module of arrows, all readable in two directions.
Lihou originally intended to apply this them to a CX as a mobile painting in order to explore the interpretation of dynamic concepts with evidence of forces that are the arrows and lines of tension.
Jacques Wolgensinger who was the director of public relations for CitroŽn was immediately captivated by the project and with the help of his assistant Mme. MarlŤne Cotton they provided all the necessary assistance.
Senior management would not let him touch the CX since it was the new flagship of the brand and it was felt rather risky to let an artist loose on it.
It was therefore agreed that it would be a GS that he would work on.
He painted the GS during the month of July 1976 in an old carpentry shop in the CitroŽn factory in Paris.
The completion of the the car took 500 hours of work and seventy-three small pots of paint of different colors.
In January 1977 the GS was presented to the public at the CitroŽn showroom in the Champs-Elysees where it met with widespread approval.

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