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1978 GS + 9

In 1978, the CitroŽn sales service came up with a way to sell second-hand GSs - by creating the illusion of a new car.  On 15th April 1978 the GS+9 (plus neuf - a play on words meaning both ’new again’ and ‘plus nine’) was launched. This comprised cars less than five years old (with the exception of the Pallas) which were subjected to an in-depth ‘remanufacture” to bring them up to new car standards.

The cars received:

a new CitroŽn battery
new brake pads
new ignition system (distributor, sparking plugs and condenser
new wiper arms and blades
new front tyres
aluminium coloured rims with G Sport embellishers *
shell styled mirrors *
1978 grille *
chromed tail pipe *
lateral rubbing strips (of varying sizes depending on what was available) *
GS+9 logos on front wings and bootlid
new seat covers *
bellows type gear lever gaiter *

* These items were also available as accessories

Above and below note different-sized rubbing strips on the blue and red cars

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