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CitroŽn GS 'sports' variants GSX and GSX2

In 1975, in an attempt to attract a younger clientele, CitroŽn introduced two 'sporty' variants of the GS - the GSX and GSX2.

The former was equipped with the 1 litre engine and could be fitted with a close ratio gearbox and the latter had a lightly breathed upon version of the 1.2 litre with an additional 5 bhp over and above that of the standard unit and could also be supplied with the 'short' gearbox. In 1978, the GSX was fitted with the 1.1 litre which was fitted to the G Spťcial.

These cars were fitted with smaller wheel embellishers,a pair of Cibiť long range driving lamps, 'tombstone' front seats, a different instrument panel with circular dials, and were usually finished in yellow with matt black window frames (I owned an orange, Belgian-built GSX).

Above the GSX and GSX2 instrument panel featured round dials similar to the panel fitted to the Birotor
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