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CitroŽn Berlingo 

1996 - to date

"A new concept in motoring" is how CitroŽn describe the Berlingo "Equally as at home in the country and town, for family or professional use, it seduces all those who approach it..."

Also touted as "the new 2 CV", it is far too expensive a vehicle to fill that particular role, even leaving aside the question of its far more complex mechanical bits (inherited from the ZX).

"A vehicle midway between a people carrier and a saloon" - in my opinion, this is hardly revolutionary or even new. Simca's Matra Rancho trod this route years ago.

And at the end of the day, try as they may, it still looks like a light van with side windows.

Technical specification


1,4i X

1,4i SX

1,9D X

1,9D SX


Fiscal rating

7 CV


Multipoint electronic injection

Atmospheric diesel

Number of cylinders

Transverse mounted in-line 4

Cubic capacity

1 360cc

1 905cc

Bore and stroke

75 x 77mm

83 x 88mm

Maximum power

75 bhp @ 5 500 rpm

71 bhp @ 4 600 rpm

Maximum torque

11,5mkg @ 3 400 rpm

12,5mkg @ 2 000 rpm


1,4i X

1,4i SX

1,9D X

1,9D SX



Manual 5 speeds Front wheel drive



Rack and pinion

Power steering



Suspension, brakes and tyres


Front: independent, MacPherson struts and anti roll bar
Rear: trailing arms, torsion bar and anti roll bar


Front: discs, rear: drums, brake servo, ABS optional

Front: ventilated discs, rear drums, brake servo, ABS optional


Michelin 175 /65R14


1,4i X

1,4i SX

1,9D X

1,9D SX

Max speed

150 kph

142 kph

0 - 100 kph

14,6 seconds

16,3 seconds

Berlingo is already on sale in the UK . In 1996 for the October Paris Salon, CitroŽn unveiled three concept car versions of the Berlingo, the Berlingo Bulle , Berlingo Grand Large Multispace and the Berlingo Coupť de Plage.