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CitroŽn BX by Heuliez

The BX range was extended by, amongst others, Heuliez who built both the Service van, Buffalo Break and Dyana as well as the BX and XM Breaks plus many ambulance and similar specialist variants.

France Design Henri Heuliez Automobiles has had a long association with CitroŽn and was responsible for the BX Dyana.

BX Dyana

"Not a saloon, not an estate, not a van and not a coupť either, but maybe a little of each. This is a truly new concept.
With tip up front seats, the generous front doors offer easy access to the rear.
A large hatchback and the total absence of a loading threshold means optimum accessibility to the large useful space available.
Its hydropneumatic suspension makes it ideal for passenger or goods transport under unsurpassed conditions of comfort, safety and handling, with maximum roadholding.
CitroŽn BX Dyana is available as a five seater with all the engine or finish offerings of the BX range. It can be fitted with the children's bench, facing backwards and located at the rear to raise the total number of passengers to seven."
A two seater commercial version was also available allowing French businesses to recover the TVA.

BX Service Van

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