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CitroŽn BX New Generation

declares Carl Olsen, Directeur CitroŽn Style (right)


When one manufactures a car which has became one of the greatest successes of the last few years, one is inevitably tempted to let to it continue unchanged. After all, why change a formula which has proved so successful?  Why?  Here is the response of Carl Olsen, director of Styling at CitroŽn:  

“It was a great encouragement to see how the BX lived up to the dreams of consumers.  It was the right car at the right time.  But, in the car industry, that which does not advance gets left behind and which does not evolve or move does not advance.  And no-one would suggest that a teenager should stop developing because he is a success. 
From the very start of its design, the BX was defined as an evolutionary car.  It had to live up to the technical innovation and aesthetic of the CitroŽn models that had preceded it while adding mainstream appeal.

On the one hand, to affirm the characteristics clearly - often of the avant-garde - which created the reputation of CitroŽn, and on the other hand, not to cut it off from the sharp forces of one of the largest market segments – that of medium engine size.

The result: an aerodynamic form without aggressiveness, flexible lines without roundness, comfort without sogginess, originality but functional too, economy with brilliance...  In short, establishing qualities of balance within this synthesis quickly made the BX a success.  Consequently - this is the second evolution of the BX - it was enough to gear up this success by developing a solid and wide range making it possible to follow - to even anticipate – more closely, the desires and the needs not only for the existing clientele, but for customers new to the BX. 

The BX range is now even more complete, with 23 models, including a new, even more economical and the new top of the range BX 19 GTi, which harmoniously matches performance and the responsiveness of a sports car to the refined comfort of a luxury car. 

The 1987 BX range BX now comprises two body styles (saloons and estates), seven types of
engines (petrol, diesel, electronic injection) offering power outputs from 60 to 125 BHP DIN, and five trim levels.  It is by taking account of the very active competition and of possible changes in customers’ tastes, that the development of the BX continued with a third phase of evolution.  This builds on success by improveming certain key areas such as the styling, power output and personality.   This is achieved specifically thanks to the widening of both front and rear wings, new indicators lining up with the headlights, of new front and rear shields, new side protections, anti-gravel skirts, new adjustable external mirrors, as well as a complete redesign of the interior to create a more agreeable ambiance.

On the BX 19 GTi, one of the most sophisticated braking systems in the world, ABS is available as an option.  It prevents wheel locking even on slippery surfaces and thereby offers an extraordinary safety factor. 
Thus the BX was presented in its first publicity campaign as a “living car” continues its harmonious growth.  More than ever, it seems a modern and dynamic car, made to conquer those
who appreciate driving pleasure.  Its space and comfort, its handling and active safety, its style and its personality, its technical innovations, these are all basic qualities which will enable it to preserve its place as market leader."