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CitroŽn BX


We've made technology work very hard indeed for the CitroŽn BX That sleek aerodynamic line has more than a hint of what's inside.
Controls?. They're at your fingertips.
Response, acceleration and handling are all you'd want them to be.  Also its stable and smooth at speed.
Material improvements
The BX is the first mass-production car to use the latest synthetic materials on large, non-structural areas like the hatchback door, and on most models, the bonnet also.
Apart from being much lighter than steel, plastic is actually tougher and it doesn't rust. 
It's the same with the bumpers, fuel tank and flap, ventilation intakes, roof finishing and rear quarter panels.
Naturally in the critical structure we've used special high strength steels - either zinc coated or with low carbon content that helps avoid corrosion.
Less weight, less problems
Plastic is 30% /lighter tnan steel and more efficient in terms ofperformance and economy.  Also, as the bodyshell has fewer parts, joins and welding seams, it's extra rust-resistant and stronger.  The door pillars and floor pan are designed to spread the load and cut down the
effects should the car be struck in the side in an accident.
The importance of low drag
Most manufacturers talk about the drag coefficient figure relating to a car's profile. On the BX it's 0.34 which is impressive in itself.   However, at CitroŽn we recognise that, as a car is a three dimensional object, a for more relevant figure is obtained by combining profile with surface area. At 0.63 the BX is better than most other cars in its class. This significantly trims fuel consumption at cruising speeds.
Our approach to aerodynamics is carried right through. The single screen wiper apart from being more effective at cleaning, uses the airflow to sweep away rain, produces less drag and won't lift at speed.
A comfortably better ride
The BX adjusts automatically to different loads. 30 you're sure it'll handle just as well whether you're driving alone or with a full complement of passengers and luggage.
We've combined the unique self levelling Citroen suspension system with the simplicity of Macpherson struts and trailing arms.
Self levelling suspension also keeps the BX at the correct and constant aerodynamic angle so that the wind tunnel test results are matched by real life performance,
Anti-roll bars front and rear cut body sway while front wheel drive and precise rack and pinion steering let it corner as if it were on rails.
The all-round, power operated disc brakes mean that when you brake, you can with the utmost confidence.

The CitroŽn BX- technology has certainly never looked better.