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CitroŽn C2



The exterior styling of the C2 is specific to this vehicle, even though it uses many parts from the shared platform 1. The C2 has its own strong personality that sets it apart from the C3 and the C3 Pluriel.

The front end is dynamic with strong curves. The rounded bonnet, large vertical headlamps and radiator grille built into the bumper underline its modern, robust character. From a 3/4 front view, the curves of the wheel arches highlight its good on-road stance. Viewed from the side, the C2 breaks with habit to reveal its turbulent character, expressed primarily by the marked break in the body line between the side windows. This styling feature underlines the personality of the car and offers remarkable side vision for passengers at the rear. The sizing of the rear lights, the volume of the wheel arches and the deep-chinned bumper give the rear end an elegant, well-balanced appearance.

A VTR version with specific body parts conveys a particularly sporty image. It can be recognised by the additional painted parts on the lower part of the front bumper and by its sills. A spoiler positioned above the rear window completes the trim.

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