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C2 CitroŽn Sport


With the unveiling in 2003 of C2 CitroŽn Sport at the 73rd Geneva Motor Show, CitroŽn is clearly demonstrating a long-term commitment to motor sports. After a build-up of several years, with particularly fruitful and rewarding results in recent sporting events, CitroŽn decided to combine the vitality of its concept car department with the know-how of CitroŽn Sport to express a futuristic vision of motor sports. The result: the C2 CitroŽn Sport concept car.

A long-term sporting commitment

Following a string of victories claimed by the Xsara Kit Car, the Xsara T4 and – today – the Xsara WRC, CitroŽn is taking part in all the events of this year’s World Rally Championship (WRC) for the first time in its history.

CitroŽn began its worldwide campaign on a high note by securing the first three places in the first event of the season – the Monte Carlo Rally – with the Xsara WRC. A historic hat-trick won by Sťbastien Loeb / Daniel Elena, Colin McRae / Derek Ringer, and Carlos Sainz / Marc Marti

In 2002, CitroŽn had already made its mark in a host of international and national championships.

CitroŽn enjoyed success in the Junior World Rally Championship, with the title won by Spain’s Dani Sola and his Saxo Super 1600, and the second and third places secured by Italy’s Andrea Dallavilla and Finland’s Janne Tuohino, through which CitroŽn was able to dominate the final podium of this discipline.

The Marque won more laurels in Spain, where it came first in the national rally championship – drivers’ and manufacturers’ categories – with Jesķs Puras and the Xsara WRC, and in rallycross, where Kenneth Hanson won his 10th European Championship title at the wheel of his Xsara.

In the national championships, 2002 was a great year for CitroŽn teams driving the Saxo Super 1600, as illustrated by the various championship titles won in Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Portugal.

Last, CitroŽn also claimed first place in France’s Super 1600 Rally championship. The two official Saxo Super 1600s took first and third place respectively.

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CitroŽn’s other sporting philosophy; close contact

CitroŽn views rally racing as a “human adventure”. Racing brings the brand closer to the public, for whom motor sports, looking beyond questions of pure performance, represent a world of excitement and fascination!

CitroŽn’s sporting policy is based first and foremost on a human commitment. The idea is to provide a career track for promising young drivers: to identify talented participants in the promotional formulas, bring them up through the ranks with the Junior WRC and – ultimately – give them their chance in the WRC.

This is the case of Sťbastien Loeb, who was noticed by Guy Frťquelin, the head of CitroŽn Sport, in the brand’s promotional formulas. Since then, Sťbastien Loeb has climbed the ranks of the global hierarchy in record time. After winning the Junior WRC in 2001 with the Saxo Super 1600, he got the chance to drive the Xsara WRC – in tests and then in a WRC rally – at the end of 2001. He rose to the top with amazing speed!

For all young drivers who dream of following in the steps of Sťbastien Loeb, the C2 Citroen Sport concept car also seeks to convey the idea of a human adventure, this being a key component of the brand’s sporting policy.

When it comes to sporting values, CitroŽn is also strong attached to its various promotion formulas (Saxo Rally Challenge, Saxo T4 Trophy, Saxo Rallycross Challenge and Saxo Super 1600 Trophy), a fertile breeding ground of new talent. This is true not only in France, but also in other countries, where CitroŽn is represented by its subsidiaries and/or importers.

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C2 CitroŽn Sport : a car expressing sporting performance

An expression of high-tech design, C2 CitroŽn Sport shows the form a future racing vehicle might take, in the light of CitroŽn Sport’s continued commitment to customer sport. It is an expression of the brand’s dynamic vitality.

In terms of looks, the striking style of C2 CitroŽn Sport expresses intense driving sensations combined with quality of build: power and performance.

For sports enthusiasts, the exterior styling of this concept car will immediately bring to mind visions of sliding, acceleration and braking, backed up by the absolute control of a well-balanced car.

The proportions, wheel base, wide tracks and front end of C2 CitroŽn Sport express a high level of density. Its wide air intakes, rounded bonnet and plunging design lines suggest remarkable performance capacities, as do the strongly marked and generously sized wheel arches. These two aspects combine to make C2 CitroŽn Sport a concentrate of power, energy and pleasure.

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Technical characteristics of C2 CitroŽn Sport
ENGINE Developed from the TU5JP4 production engine

Capacity 1,587

Bore/stroke 78.5 x 82

Max power 225 bhp at 8 500 rpm

Max torque 20.5 mkg at 7 000 rpm

Max engine speed 9 000 rpm

Specific output 141 bhp per litre

Valvegear 2 overhead camshafts driven by a toothed belt
Mechanical tappet with adapted cam profile

Injection system Magneti-Marelli multipoint
TRANSMISSION Front-wheel drive

Reinforced transmission shafts

Clutch Pushed mechanismCera-metallic single disc(diameter: 184 mm)

Gearbox 6-speed dog clutch, sequential controlZF limited-slip differential

Front ventilated discs gravel 300 x 28 mm asphalt 355 x 28 mm4-pot callipers

Rear 290 x 8 mm discs2-pot callipersFront/rear distribution adjustable by lever

Hydraulic handbrake

Front MacPherson type (joint welded wishbone, anti-roll bar)Geometry: fully adjustable

Rear specific trailing arms with coil spring

Shock absorbers with external reservoirs (front and rear)
STEERING Hydraulic power assisted
WHEELS Rims Gravel 6x15 Asphalt 7x17

Tyres Michelin: Gravel 16/65/1 5 Asphalt 17/63/17
WEIGHT 1 000 kg

Front/rear distribution 60/40%

Reinforced body shell with roll cage
Glass fibre front and rear bumpers
Aluminium crankcase protection

Length 3 660 mm

Width 1 795 mm

Wheelbase 2 326 mm

Front track 1 633 mm

Rear track 1 568 mm
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Just like the ZX Rallye Raid which was launched several months before the more pedestrian versions, so our first sight of the new C2 is this body-kitted sports variant.

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