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CitroŽn C3

Roomy and friendly
On board, the C3 expresses a sharing approach and an openness to the outside world.

Amazing space
The C3 is astonishingly roomy for a vehicle in its segment. And since the C3 has an external width of 1.67 m, passengers can take their ease. This generous interior space is also reflected by the interior dimensions. At the front, for example, the C3 boasts exceptional elbow room of 1.40 m. 

The most significant progress made by the C3, however, lies in its height of 1.52 m – exceptional for a vehicle of this type – and in the innovative approach adopted to the interior architecture, which draws upon the experience acquired by CitroŽn in the design of its most recent vehicles. 
This increased height created sufficient room to raise the driving position and make it more upright, while still leaving generous headroom. The height of the other seats has also been raised. This feature gives all the occupants of the C3 a clearer view of the road and is particularly reassuring for the driver. The eye level of the passengers is higher than the segment average, for improved visual comfort.

Open to the world
The higher seating position also creates an impression of peace and receptiveness to the outside world. The C3 is easy to get into and out of, thanks to the higher seats that offer a more natural seating position, and also the arch shape of the pillar and wide opening angle (68į) of the doors. The bright airy interior also expresses an openness to the outside world. The rounded form of the windscreen and the positioning of the pillar – placed further back than usual – ensure remarkable peripheral visibility.

To make the interior even brighter and to further increase passenger well–being, the C3 features a large glass sunroof. 

A glass sunroof of generous dimensions
The glass sunroof expresses the shared contact between the occupants of the C3, or between the car and the outside environment. With this vast sunroof, the C3 gains a bigger glazed area than any other vehicle in the segment. It is made up of a mobile glass panel at the front and a fixed glass panel at the rear. The sunroof is designed to fit flush with the roof of the vehicle. In this way, it does not interrupt the flowing lines of the C3 or detract from its aerodynamic performance. Inside the vehicle, the space available to the occupants is virtually unchanged, thanks to the generous headroom available.

The sunroof is controlled by a one-touch electric button on the roof lining. To adjust interior brightness, the C3 is fitted with a device similar to a sunblind. It is made up of a front curtain and a rear curtain, which retract into the central cross-member of the sunroof. 

An invitation to share
A user-friendly living area

With its bright passenger compartment, large glazed areas, on-board well-being and open approach to the outside world, the C3 encourages sharing, between the occupants of the vehicle or between the car and the outside environment.

This user-friendly, sharing approach of the C3 is also expressed by the child mirror. For easier contact with passengers in the rear (children or adults), an additional mirror placed below the interior rearview mirror means that the rear passengers can always be seen. Available as an option with the child pack, the mirror can be folded back under the rearview mirror to increase the forward visibility of the driver, or turned towards the rear passengers for shared contact. 

The excellent acoustic comfort also plays a role in making verbal contact easier, notablybetween occupants at the front and rear. 

On board with the family
The open, sharing values of the C3 are enhanced when the whole family is travelling together. Spacious, user-friendly, spirited and cheerful, the C3 is at the service of family well–being. 

The raised seating and large glazed areas give children a better view of the road and scenery. 

The C3 is fitted with a number of features designed exclusively for children, to contribute to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere on board. For example, a child safety indicator on the dashboard. Moreover, on versions fitted with the child pack, safety locks can be activated or deactivated using an electrical function on the dashboard. The child pack also comprises the child mirror, a 12 V socket at the rear, and aircraft-style trays on the backs of the front seats. The trays are fitted with a pen-holder, cup–holder and hooks for plastic bags.

A refreshing sense of well-being
The C3 features a wide range of functions that contribute to general well–being and so promote the fundamental values of openness and sharing. 

Comfortable, ergonomic seating 
The seats are designed to provide maximum comfort (side supports designed to the minimum necessary) and back support, while filtering out bumps in the road. The raised seating also improves postural comfort. 

To make sure that everybody can travel in comfort, regardless of their size and shape, the steering wheel is adjustable for both height and reach, a feature that is still rare on this segment. Tall people can adjust the long front-seat runners (230 mm) to sit comfortably in the front. Central armrests are available for both the driver and passenger. The driver's seat is height-adjustable. This function is also available for the passenger seat.

The two front headrests are height- and tilt adjustable. The upper hinge is used to adjust tilt.  The shape of the head-rest, its horizontal and vertical curvature and hinged upper part, cradle the occupant's head to ensure maximum comfort. The headrests can be adjusted over the entire length of their stalks to adapt to all body shapes.
At the rear, three crescent-shaped headrests provide maximum safety and comfort for the occupants without blocking the driver's rearview vision.
The wide opening angle of the doors makes the C3 easy to get into and out of, particularly at the front.

On–board controls are designed to be ergonomic. All on-board functions have been designed for maximum simplicity and ease of use. Information display units, such as the digital instrument cluster, are easy to read. 

Thermal comfort and odour exclusion comfort for peace of mind and travelling pleasure
The interior temperature of a vehicle is one of the main criteria of comfort. The air conditioning systems fitted on the C3 are both efficient and quiet.

Two types of air conditioning are available: manual and automatic. This last system managesclimate control automatically – air flow, air distribution, compressor start-up – in compliance with the temperature set by the occupants. 

Automatic air conditioning also features an innovative day/night function that maximises thermal comfort by adjusting the mode of air circulation. To this end, the system analyses the level of daylight outside and checks whether the headlamps are on. These two items of information tell the system whether it is necessary to change the mode of air circulation to a "gentler" setting that focuses on the foot-level ducts and defrosting ducts, while maintaining a constant temperature. This type of air circulation is always appreciated when daylight is low, even at a constant external temperature.

Other items of equipment are also associated with the automatic air conditioning, notably an automatic windscreen wiper, air conditioning of the lower glove box, an activated carbon (anti-odour) pollen filter and a heat-reflecting windscreen. This type of windscreen comprises a sheet of metal inserted between two sheets of glass. The metal sheet has the ability to refract external heat and to lower the interior dashboard temperature by up to 30įC compared with a conventional tinted windscreen. Sensitivity to sunlight is greatly decreased by the lower temperature at the front end of the vehicle, the shorter time taken to reach a comfortable temperature and the far weaker sensation of heat on the skin caused by solar radiation coming in through the windscreen.

Exceptional stowage space
The C3 combines record interior space with a wide range of stowage options. 
The many roomy and convenient stowage compartments also contribute to the pleasure of travelling in the C3.

The two gloveboxes, one of which may be fitted with a cooled compartment, have a capacity of 7 and 5 litres respectively. Each of the four doors is fitted with a large bin. The central console can hold three cans, or a number of everyday objects such as a mobile phone. The phone can be recharged on the 12 V socket. A cubby on the driver's left can be used to hold gloves and keys, for example. 
Depending on the version, the C3 features a drawer under the passenger seat and a second drawer under the driver's seat. In the central part of the dashboard, two ISO compartments can be used to install an audio system or CD stacker, or simply another stowage unit. 

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