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A car that stands apart in its segment - entry level models - the CitroŽn C3 is an eminently friendly car. It was therefore necessary to come up with a launch campaign that would enjoy broad appeal. It is necessary to highlight the strong points of the product and to determine those characteristics that set it apart from the competition while ensuring that any such campaign is both consistent with the marque's image and is tailored to the individual market in which the car is sold.
Jean-Jacques Etchart, head of European Advertising Co-ordination at CitroŽn explains, "We opted for European positioning based on the topics of energy and optimism, as reflected in the advertising slogan 'La vie est belle'. Each agency was then free to come up with an adaptation tailored to each individual country. The objective was to achieve maximum impact on all markets and to quickly build the renown of the C3. The advantage of this concept was that it left each country free to express its creativity. Market characteristics, cultural practices and economic situation naturally vary from country to country."
And they all relate to cars in different ways. Nevertheless, some messages can be understood in any language. An Italian and a Swede may not necessarily have the same idea of happiness but they both aspire to it.

Austria above - two love struck fishes touch snouts in the middle of a heart of lazy contours: a simple illustration of happiness the Austrian way.

United Kingdom below - what do an orange grove, big sky, chirping cicadas, tapas and the setting sun all have in common? Quite simply they represent the good life as seen by the British, and the C3 occupies a place in the picture. As in many other countries, the choice of French gives the message even more force.

Norway above - what could be better than the photo of a newborn baby to illustrate the harmony expressed by the ergonomic lines of the C3?  The Norwegians, known for their warm nature, seem to have understood the message first.

Germany right - like a ray of sunshine, the latest CitroŽn drives away the bad weather as it goes. With the C3 you are definitely on the sunny side of the street!

The Netherlands right, below and bottom right - inspired by the unusual lines of the new CitroŽn and by the optimisim of the slogan "La vie est belle", the Dutch have proved themselves to be particularly imaginative. Taking the idea of spring as their basis, they have recreated a world inspired by the style of the 1950s around the C3. A highly innovative campaign featuring rabbits and flowers alongside the stars of the catwalk.

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Belgium above - a new car full of promise, set against a backdrop of blazing sunshine: all the ingredients necessary to brighten the daily lives of the Belgians!

Portugal below - could the latest CitroŽn have a - hitherto unsuspected - power to work miracles?  The Portugese maintain that the C3 has already "created a new harmony between generations" and that "the Portugese are becoming increasingly friendly at the wheel".

Italy below - "Designed to exceed all limits, except the speed limits" - this poster uses an uncluttered background, a simple photo and a humourous slogan to highlight the advantages of the product. The vehicle is very much the central feature of this advert created around the concept of "La vie est belle".

Switzerland left and below - the Swiss are more prosaic. Reflecting their pragmatic reputation, they portray the C3 as the only car able to offer a solution to a major everyday problem: parking in the city.

Czech Republic above - the accent is on simplicity

Denmark left - reflecting the spirit of the TV commercial being shown all over Europe, the Danish ad stars a C3 driver who - clearly - has no reason to envy the jet pilot above him. "Some people just have to get themselves noticed."