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Once more, CitroŽn is demonstrating its ability to innovate and to make city driving an even more relaxing experience. 

The C3 City Park demonstration vehicle features an aid to make parking manoeuvres easier, particularly when reversing into tight spaces.

Trialled on the C3 1.4i Exclusive supermini with a 5-speed manual gearbox, this technology helps the driver:

  • assess the necessary distance between two parked cars;
  • manoeuvre the car into the parking space, with automatic rotation of the steering wheel accompanied by visual and sound signals.

Parking aids are one of the research areas pursued by CitroŽn in the development of future technologies aimed at improving comfort and driving pleasure in the urban environment.

A range of original features  

The C3 City Park is fitted with an advanced assistance system for parking manoeuvres. The driver is aided by a semi-automatic system and guided by a central screen and voice synthesis function.

The parking system is based on two main functions: 

Locating a space for reverse parking

The control unit measures the distance between two parked vehicles and informs the driver of the room for manoeuvre. 

Semi-automatic parking aid

The vehicle turns its wheels, taking into account its own position and the position of the other vehicles, or the landmarks determining the space available. The system acts as a co-driver by giving the driver instructions for completing the manoeuvre.

Operating principle

The driver pushes a button on the central console to activate the parking space location function (on the right by default, on the left with the indicator).  This function is active at speeds of under 25 kph. It relies on three distance sensors located in the vehicle’s front and rear bumpers, which are able to locate nearby obstacles with precision. 

A sound signal notifies the driver when a parking space of sufficient size has been located. The driver stops the car and validates the parking aid to begin the manoeuvre.

The driver has no need to steer during the manoeuvre. He moves the vehicle forwards or backwards according to the visual and sound signals. Automatic rotation of the steering wheel is continuous, according to vehicle movement.

The system can be deactivated at any time – by touching the steering wheel, for example – if the driver wants to regain control. 

With the presentation of the C3 demonstration vehicle and its advanced parking aid, CitroŽn confirms its ability to innovate. At the same time, the Marque is furthering its research into useful technology, with an even greater emphasis on driving pleasure and superior urban performance.