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The C4 gets a mid term makeover

More telematics equipment

The telematics equipment on the C4 has been completely revamped to offer new services for driver and passengers.

MyWay, a new integrated navigation system with a 7-inch panoramic colour screen is now available at entry level, rounding out the current offering. The system features a radio and MP3/WMA-compatible CD player along with auxiliary RCA sockets in the glovebox for connecting portable media devices. MyWay includes a map of Europe, integrated on SD card media and displayed in 2D or 3D. Traffic conditions are indicated in real time. MyWay also features a Bluetoothģ hands-free kit with an information and address book display. Functions are controlled from the fixed-centred controls steering wheel or via the radio.
The new system will be available in the second half of 2008 and will be priced extremely competitively.

The NaviDrive system has been upgraded. It now features a high-resolution (800 x 480 pixels) 7-inch panoramic screen and a USB socket, located on the central console, for MP3 players using the “Mass Storage” system. Portable media players are controlled from the steering wheel or the radio.
Existing NaviDrive features include: a hard disk with European maps, a hands-free telephone (using a SIM card or a twin SIM card) and voice recognition/synthesis. The Jukebox function, with a 10GB capacity, can store up to 180 hours of music from a CD or an MP3-format USB key. The emergency and assistance call system remains. Motorists can call a platform that sends out the emergency services. The call is made manually or automatically, if at least one airbag is activated. This system is available 24/7 in eight European countries. In addition, subscription to the service, via a SIM card, is free throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

An optional USB Box will be launched at the end of the year for the CD audio system. Two sockets, one USB and one jack, built into the central console can be used to connect portable media players using the Mass Storage system and IAP protocols (iPod and iPhone) and MTP (Microsoft Plays for Sure).
Controls are located on the fixed-centred controls steering wheel and the radio console. The central screen display provides information on system use.

Top-level safety features

High-tech equipment that makes all the difference

Launched at end-2004, the C4 is still a standard-setter in the segment on innovative equipment.

C4 safety features include:

  • Xenon dual-function directional headlamps, which can swivel up to 15į for enhanced lighting in corners,
  • front and rear parking assist, with a dashboard display of objects and distances,
  • the lane departure warning system, which functions from speeds of 80 km/h to combat drowsiness at the wheel,
  • fixed-centred controls steering wheel, which groups all essential driving functions right in front of the driver and features a shape-optimised driver’s airbag for more efficiency,
  • laminated side windows, for ultra-low cabin noise and top-level passenger safety,
  • hill start assist with the 6-speed electronic gearbox system, which frees up the driver from arduous starts on inclines,
  • speed limiter and cruise control, making it easier to respect speed limits.

Safe and enjoyable to drive

As before, the C4 is first and foremost a real treat to drive. Drivers get exceptional precision and on-road pleasure from the C4’s spot-on steering, with just the right amount of power assistance, and its sophisticated suspension system, featuring judiciously worked springs and shock absorbers.

The C4 hatchback scored very well in EuroNCAP tests, with 5 stars for frontal impact, 4 stars for child safety and 3 stars for pedestrian safety. That makes the C4 still the highest-scoring vehicle in the small family car segment in all three categories.

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