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Protection of occupants

In addition to the built-in crumple zones and roll cage, the C5 is equipped with a wide range of equipment to protect the occupants in the event of a collision.

Frontal impact

  • The power train and running gear act as a single unit in the event of impact. An “impactor” attached to the differential housing is supported by the engine sub-frame, maintaining the complete system in one piece. In the event of impact, the power train and engine sub-frame descend towards the lower part of the structure. Residual energy is dissipated in the sub-structure, thus reducing the tendency of parts to “pile up” on impact, distorting the structure of the passenger compartment and causing the intrusion of mechanical components such as the steering column.

  • An impact absorber, located in the steering column sheath, limits impact to the knees.

  • A panel prevents the feet sliding under the pedals.

  • Force limiters and pre-tensioners in the front seatbelts reduce the pressure on the chest to 450 daN.

  • Force limiters are also fitted to the rear side seatbelts with grabbers set to 650 daN.

  • Front driver and passenger airbags can be activated at two different levels depending on the severity of impact. An electronic control system processes signals from accelerometer sensors. These signals depend on the speed of the vehicle and the type of obstacle encountered. The electronic control system then calculates the optimum airbag pressure needed to cushion the occupants. The airbags have a capacity of 60 litres on the driver’s side and 120 litres on the passenger side. They deploy in 30 milliseconds on average in the case of impact at 50 km/h.

  • The passenger airbag can be disabled (if a rear-facing childseat is fitted) using a mechanism located to the left of the dashboard.

The side rear seats are pre-fitted with Isofix standard mountings to provide firm anchorage for childseats.

Side impact

Protection against side impact is provided by :

  • reinforcing bars in the front and rear doors and shock-absorbent padding in the front doors ;

  • two airbags with a capacity of 11 litres built into the front seats to protect the chest ; 

  • two curtain airbags with a capacity of 25 litres to protect the heads of occupants in the front and rear. These airbags are located in the roof lining and drop down 35 cm in 10 ms.


Vehicle protection

Reverse obstacle detector

To make parking easier, four sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles and warn the driver with an audible alarm. The system only operates when reverse gear is selected. An intermittent alarm sounds if an obstacle is closer than 1.5 m directly behind. The signal changes to a continual alarm if the obstacle is closer than 30 cm in a direct line behind the vehicle, or 25 cm to one side.

Theft protection

The C5 is fitted with the latest ADC2 immobiliser, featuring a transponder that works with the engine control system. The code sent out by the transponder can only be read by the vehicle’s engine control system.
Declutching high-security locks (100,000 combinations) are reinforced to make sure that they cannot be torn off, picked or forced.

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