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C5 estate: performance and space
For the estate, CitroŽn sought to create a car as sophisticated as the saloon but with more generous volumes. The new C5 estate meets the needs of customers looking for a car that combines style and personality with presence and interior space.
The C5 estate boasts elegant and dynamic exterior styling, with a stylish front end identical to that of the saloon and a rear end of determined, powerful appearance.
The body style reveals a strong identity and real versatility.
The flowing profile of the C5 estate expresses a perfect balance. The vehicle is 4.83m long, 1.86m wide and 1.48m tall. The proportions are generous but the additional volume has no impact on the overall lines.
Reflecting the sculpted design of the saloon, the rear end features geometric shapes that suggest width and convenience from a horizontal perspective, while maintaining an elegant and dynamic appearance. The new C5 estate expresses values that will appeal to customers looking for modern concepts tailored to their lifestyles.

Refined interior styling
The opulent, sophisticated interior of the new C5 is an invitation to travel.
The dashboard conveys an immediate impression of quality and sophistication with its full, solid forms. The taut lines symbolise precision, while the flowing curves express dynamics. Dissociated from the central console, the dashboard enhances the impression of space and comfort. The design of the door panels reflects the choices made in terms of elegant styling. Overall, the cabin conveys an impression of quality and robust strength.
The interior design of the New C5 perfectly matches the exterior styling. It subtly combines sophistication and innovation, generosity and space.

Remarkable dynamic qualities
A complete range of engines and gearboxes

The new C5 boasts a full range of engines and gearboxes to meet the full range of customer requirements in its segment. The range comprises:

three petrol engines:

  • 127 bhp DIN 1.8i 16v (92 kW EEC)

  • 143 bhp DIN 2.0i 16v (103 kW EEC)

  • 215 bhp DIN 3.0i 16v (155 kW EEC)

four diesel engines fitted as standard with the particulate filter:

  • HDi 110 DPFS (80 kW EEC)

  • HDi 138 DPFS (100 kW EEC)

  • HDi 173 DPFS (125 kW EEC)

  • HDi V6 208 DPFS (150 kW EEC)

A wide choice of manual and automatic gearboxes is available, depending on the engine and trim level.

Class-beating road manners
Impeccable road manners are part of a relaxed enjoyable drive. Drivers of the new C5 gain the benefits of sophisticated and efficient running gear.
Both the metallic and Hydractive 3 Plus suspensions bring new progress in the balance between steering and damping, for enhanced passenger comfort and safety.
This is reflected in the performance of the new C5, which combines remarkable driveability with surefooted and responsive road manners.

In the same way as on the CitroŽn C6, the Hydractive 3 Plus and metallic suspensions comprise a double wishbone and linked hub carrier at the front and a multilink set-up at the rear with a drop-link longitudinal arm.
The efficiency of the suspension is reinforced by the torsional stiffness of the body which distributes vertical force continuously and equally over all four wheels while also contributing to the vehicle's excellent road manners.

A choice of suspension
Suspension comfort was a key objective in the design of the new C5. CitroŽn has used its expertise to develop two types of suspension to meet the varied needs of customers: a Hydractive 3 Plus suspension with two settings and a metallic suspension.
The Hydractive 3 Plus suspension of the new C5 is aimed at customers keen to take advantage of the Marque's latest developments in technology, comfort and safety.
It adjusts springing and damping to take account of driver input and road conditions. A soft mode provides optimum comfort, while a firmer mode delivers enhanced driving sensations and greater body control. The driver can also choose a "sport" mode for an even more dynamic ride with extra thrills.
Controlled by sensors on each axle, the Hydractive 3 Plus suspension maintains the vehicle at a constant height, regardless of the load and number of passengers.
The metallic suspension takes full advantage of the new C5's sophisticated running gear. A winning combination based on CitroŽn expertise – with a double wishbone layout at the front and multilink set-up at the rear – strike an excellent balance between comfort and roadholding. The result is worthy of the Marque's large saloons in very respect. This particularly competitive option is a key asset in the commercial ambitions of the new C5.

Driveability and onboard comfort

A driving position dedicated to the driver

The new C5 is equipped with a second-generation fixed-centred controls steering wheel. This feature reflects CitroŽn's innovative talent and sets the car apart.

Frequently used driving controls (speed limiter/cruise control) and comfort functions (radio, telephone, central screen controls, etc.) are within easy reach of the driver.

Having the information on the steering wheel improves ergonomics and enhances driving comfort through easy use.

The new design of the wheel and the feel of the controls adds a further touch of sophistication to the driving position. The fixed central hub ensures that the airbag always deploys at the right angle in the event of impact for improved driver protection.

The design of the instrument cluster on the new C5 reflects ergonomic requirements and ensures that information is laid out logically. The three dials feature annular needles, symbolising an advanced level of technology. The needles run around the dial for greater legibility and a more attractive design. This technology makes it possible to install a large display unit in the centre of each dial.

The central dial is dedicated to the analogue speedometer, while the screen shows information from the onboard computer. The left-hand dial displays the fuel level and speed limiter/cruise control data, while the right-hand dial shows the rev counter and, depending on the versions, the current mode or speed on the instrument cluster.

A central display unit makes a variety of comfort information visible to all passengers. For example: the date and time, outside temperature and a graphical representation of parking assistance. At the same time, a screen on the overhead console displays

an illustration symbolising the car, its five seats and the seatbelt warnings on start-up.

Innovative and pertinent driving aids

The new C5 features a wide range of equipment for an easier, safer and more relaxed drive.

The new C5 is fitted as standard with cruise control and a speed limiter. On the Hydractive 3 Plus versions, an automatic electric parking brake provides enhancedcomfort and safety. This brake function also includes hill-start assist. The vehicle is automatically maintained in position for up to two seconds after the brake pedal is released, giving the driver time to move a foot from the brake to the accelerator, without the vehicle moving forwards or backwards down the slope.

To make parking easier, this new vehicle is also available with front and rear parking assistance and a parking space gap sensor that informs drivers whether an available space is big enough for the vehicle (spaces measuring less than 3 metres and more than 8 metres are ignored).

The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), also available on some versions, provides a pertinent response to the risk of drowsiness at the wheel.

Alongside the halogen headlamps that enhance visibility, Xenon dual-function directional headlamps are also available.

Alongside these headlamps, a static AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) function improves visibility on corners. An additional light source, linked to the angle of the steering wheel angle, works with the main flow of light from the headlamp to provide 75į lighting over the right- or left- hand angle of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is equipped with Xenon dual-function directional headlamps, it can also be equipped with dynamic AFS, a new lighting system that improves visibility and safety on corners and at junctions. In this case, the light covers an angle of 105į at low speeds.

The new C5 is available with the new-generation NaviDrive system. The system combines a 7-inch 16/9 screen with a built-in GSM telephone, audio system (radio, MP3-compatible CD player, jukebox function to store up to 10 Gb on the hard disk)

and GPS navigation. To further improve guidance functions, NaviDrive lets the driver enlarge crossroads or other points where several roads come together using Birdview mode. This displays a simulated overhead perspective of the road extending to the horizon. NaviDrive was also designed to provide a number of additional customer services, namely CitroŽn Emergency, CitroŽn Assistance and CitroŽn On line. Working with the GPS and telephone functions, CitroŽn Emergency makes it possible (depending on the country) to locate the vehicle if the driver is ill or has an accident, and to access the services of a call centre.

The main functions of the NaviDrive system can be accessed easily using the steering-wheel controls, which can also be used for the voice recognition and voice synthesis functions.

Exemplary comfort functions
excellent acoustic comfort

The acoustics of the new C5 create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for both the driver and passengers. Right from the start of the design process, engineers endowed the cabin with a range of soundproofing features,

  • an acoustic barrier, generally found only on executive vehicles, fitted on the body, on the surrounds for the doors and on their upper and lower parts;

  • an acoustic windscreen (standard) and acoustic laminated side windows (standard or optional depending on trim);

  • damping parts for comfort (cradle mounts, front wishbone mounts and hydroelastic mounts on the rear suspension, as developed for the C6);

  • an absorbent bonnet lining covering the bulkhead, body and scuttle to further improve soundproofing;

  • a reinforced roof lining to absorb noise.

  • optimised postural comfort

With a wheelbase of 2.82 m, the C5 road car is designed to satisfy buyers of large saloons looking for postural comfort and outstanding space. The adjustable front seats, featuring manual or electric controls, and the height and reach-adjustable steering wheel let drivers find a driving position suited to their body shape and driving habits.
Depending on trim levels, two seat categories are also available to ensure maximum comfort. "Harmonie", based on flowing lines for an impression of comfort and well being, and "CaractŤre", featuring stronger support and more pronounced lines, illustrating the quest for driving thrills.
The electrically controlled front seats (standard with Exclusive trim) include comfort features that are new to this vehicle category.
The driver can adjust the top part of the back rest to achieve a comfortable position while fully supporting the top part of the chest.
According to the version, the driver's seat back can feature a back massage function.
Passengers at the rear also travel in comfort, thanks to the well designed and particularly generous leg room. The absence of a central tunnel further increases space.
The rear seat features three height-adjustable headrests and, depending on trim,, a central armrest comprising a vast stowage compartment and two can-holders built into a sliding drawer, a ski flap and – last – a 60/40 fold function, freeing up a flat floor.

Uncompromising on safety
A reinforced body structure
The new C5 gains the passive safety features of platform 3. The results of EuroNCAP tests demonstrate its ability to provide a high level of protection for occupants.

  • The front end of the new C5 features upper and lower absorbers to soak up the energy released in the event of impact. At the same time, the cabin structure has been stiffened to prevent intrusions or buckling of the survival cell.

  • The new C5 is the first vehicle in the range to be equipped with a collapsible pedal assembly, depending on the version. In the event of impact, the brake and clutch pedals collapse into the bottom of the foot well to limit injury to the driver's legs.

  • Up to nine airbags
    The driver and front passenger are protected by front and side airbags, with deployment pressure and volume correlated with the severity of the impact. The driver's airbag is designed always to deploy at the right angle, thanks to the fixed central part of the steering wheel.
    At the same time, a knee airbag provides improved protection for the driver's shins and knees by limiting impact with the steering column, which retracts by 65 mm.
    Two curtain airbags provide head protection for passengers at the front and rear.
    Optional side airbags are also available for occupants at the rear, depending on the level of trim.

An advanced safety braking system and active restraint systems

  • The new C5 is equipped at the front with vented discs of between 304 mm and 330 mm in diameter and rear discs of 209 mm for high-performance braking.
    With the dedicated control functions fitted as standard for braking (electronic brakeforce assistance, emergency braking assistance), assistance and steering (ABS, ESP) the driver is able to keep control of the vehicle in even the most difficult driving situations.

  • The new C5 is equipped with effective restraint systems for all the occupants, since all the seatbelts have three anchor points. The front seatbelts are height-adjustable and fitted with pyrotechnic pretensioners and force limiters.

Well designed child protection features

  • The new C5 is available with Isofix anchor points for up to three seats: two on either side of the rear seat and one for the front passenger seat from level 2. The vehicle is also fitted as standard with four one-touch power windows with an anti-pinch function and an electric child safety lock for the doors and rear windows.

Focus on quality
A customer-centred approach
Right from the start, design studies for the new C5 addressed customer satisfaction in all areas, particularly quality. The aim was to avoid failure, particularly of electronic systems. To this end, specific action plans were put in place.
The choices made, in terms of styling and in the selection of materials, aim to bring customers an immediate perception of quality, on a par with the best.

Robust design
To ensure the success of this project, breakthrough quality targets covering both new vehicles and vehicles in use were set for all the teams involved in developing the new C5.
The C5 reaps the full benefits of the platform policy, with a number of powertrain subsystems and electronic functions carried over from other models including the C6.
More than 250 vehicles will be assigned to a representative customer sample in France and Germany for reliability road tests between now and the launch date.
These vehicles will be driven for three million kilometres to track down the last imperfections.
This phase completes the extensive driving and endurance trials conducted on private test tracks and at a range of latitudes representing extreme conditions. More than two million kilometres were covered as part of these trials.

Produced in an ISO 14001 certified plant
Like the C6, the C5 is assembled at the Rennes-la-Janais site, a production centre dedicated to the mid-high and executive vehicles of the PSA Peugeot CitroŽn Group.
This ISO 14001 certified centre has long experience in producing executive vehicles, particularly with the launch of the C6 which is now attaining remarkable levels of quality.

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