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CitroŽn C6

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The CitroŽn C6 has arrived. The latest addition to an historic line of great CitroŽns, with a stunning look in keeping with the Marque's reputation for style, the C6 takes the grand tourer concept and incorporates the latest cutting-edge technology. The CitroŽn C6 truly is a car to stir the emotions.
An executive saloon that represents the latest stage in the creative renewal of the brand, the C6 has been inspired by the large CitroŽns of the past, models that have helped the Marque to establish a strong heritage in large cars.
The CitroŽn C6 takes the essential values of executive saloons – elegance, sophistication and on-the-road presence – and combines them with the Marque's own key values.
Derived from classic CitroŽns, and continuously updated, these values are clearly expressed by the unique styling and the use of cutting-edge technology.
CitroŽn's new C6 combines clean, flowing lines with high levels of on-board comfort and the latest, advanced technology. The complete and innovative range of high-tech features includes a head-up display, the first application in a CitroŽn of the new 208 bhp V6 HDi diesel engine, active suspension with variable damping, the Company's lane departure warning system and directional Xenon headlamps. 

CitroŽn C6

Bold, emotive styling

The design of the C6 both enthralls and captivates, with its shape, profile and curves immediately identifying it as a member of the CitroŽn family.
Clean, fluid lines and balanced proportions, with a long front overhang and short rear overhang, give the C6 the presence of a limousine and the elegance of a coupť.
The new CitroŽn C6's original design combines the Marque's own styling cues with those of an executive car.
At the front end, the wide grille and bold, chrome chevrons make a strong statement of identity, while the headlamps extend up onto the wings and the wide, ribbed bonnet.
A long wheelbase, flowing, aerodynamic profile and low-slung stance give the CitroŽn C6 real presence, whilst also suggesting space, stability and power.
The windows hug the curve of the roof arch, which in turn blends smoothly into the rear pillars, in a subtle nod to coupť styling – an effect that is taken one step further by the frameless doors.
At the rear the design is particularly eye-catching, and neatly rounds off the C6's stunning looks. The rear window features a distinctive concave design, whilst the lines of the boot lid add the finishing touch to the body profile. An air deflector is deployed automatically at speed, illustrating the attention paid to another key CitroŽn value: aerodynamics.
Curved lights extend from the rear wings to the top of the bumper, which is smartly finished off with a chrome strip that then continues along the lower section of the body.
Inside the CitroŽn C6 there is a definite impression of space and comfort, highlighted by the pure lines of the dashboard, high levels of interior refinement, use of high quality materials and comfortable, sculpted seats.
Looking beyond styling, the CitroŽn C6 offers a radical and innovative approach to automotive design, based on cutting-edge technology, dynamics and comfort. 

CitroŽn C6

Advanced technology for enhanced comfort and safety 

The CitroŽn C6 is a perfect example of the creative and innovative approach of the brand when it comes to the use of advanced technology to deliver outstanding comfort and safety.
It features a carefully designed driving position, incorporating an easy-to-read driver's instrument panel, a large central screen and a head-up display. Making an important contribution to active safety, this display unit projects essential information – on speed and navigation for example – onto the windscreen.
A first for the CitroŽn range, the C6 is equipped with an electric parking brake. This new feature is offered alongside numerous intelligent driving aids pioneered by CitroŽn, such as a lane departure warning system, front and rear parking sensors, directional Xenon headlamps, cruise control and a speed limiter.
The top-of-the-range positioning of the CitroŽn C6 is reflected by its engine line-up: two V6 engines, one diesel and one petrol, place the emphasis on driving pleasure and refinement. A new 2.7 litre HDi diesel engine develops 208 bhp DIN (150 kW) and is equipped with a particulate filter, while the 3-litre petrol engine develops 215 bhp DIN (155 kW). Both engines are mated to 6-speed automatic gearboxes.
Traditionally, large CitroŽn cars have featured an advanced suspension, and the new C6 is no different. The new active suspension with variable damping allows it to set new standards in terms of comfort, road-holding and power.
Thanks to its exceptional driving qualities and its exclusive approach to the art of life on-board, the C6 is perfectly placed to continue in the footsteps of other great CitroŽns. 

CitroŽn C6

All the comfort of a limousine

Each feature of the cabin has been designed to provide exceptional on-board comfort: multi-adjustable seats, excellent sound-proofing, thermal comfort and a specially designed driving position.
The original design of both the driving position and the ergonomic dashboard allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times, whilst laminated side windows also help to improve driver concentration by filtering out external noise.
Occupants benefit from generous amounts of interior space, while passengers in the back can adjust the electrically-controlled sliding rear seats to obtain the ideal, relaxed seating position.
The stowage compartments in the doors are inspired by the latest trends in home furniture design, thus reinforcing the concept of the car as a “lounge on wheels”.
CitroŽn is continually working to improve passenger well-being, and the C6 introduces an air conditioning system with separate left/right and front/rear controls. It includes a soft diffusion system, designed to create a uniform blanket of air around the front passengers and to enhance thermal comfort.
Both classic and yet thoroughly original at the same time, the CitroŽn C6 sets itself apart from the models that currently set the standard in the sector while meeting all the requirements of an executive car: elegance, refinement and presence.
On top of all this, the C6 adds CitroŽn's own unique stamp: combining a strong emotional appeal with the application of cutting-edge technology.

© 2005 SA Automobiles CitroŽn

Copyright 2005 SA Automobiles CitroŽn