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The pleasure of travelling with family or friends

"Intelligent" electric architecture for increased well-being

Multiplexing has become essential as a result of the spectacular progress made by electronics over the last decade in all aspects of vehicle design (mechanical parts, comfort, safety) and the need to share information between different systems.
This technology increases the reliability of the electrical architecture by making it simpler. It also brings users a host of new functions by generating a continuous dialogue between all components of the C8.
The volume of the car radio, for example is indexed to vehicle speed. Moreover, when the doors are locked using the HF remote control unit, the windows close, as does the sunroof (although it remains slightly tilted), while the rearview mirrors fold in automatically.
This multifunction remote control unit also controls a number of other functions:

  • the right- and left-hand electric sliding side doors can be opened and closed independently; 

  • the vehicle can be located by its flashing direction indicators;

  • the electric windows can be opened by pressing the unlocking button within five seconds of unlocking the car;

  • the driver's seat and exterior rear view mirrors can be returned to their memorised position.

All these extra functions play a major role in promoting the well-being, peace of mind and - hence - the overall safety of passengers.

A communicating people-carrier

To satisfy the growing need to communicate, the C8 features a full range of onboard telematics equipment.
All the audio systems include a remote display unit, eight loudspeakers and steering-wheel controls. The C8 can be fitted with an audio-cassette or mono CD player or, alternatively, a new and innovative range of telematics systems.

This offering comprises an impressive list of functions that vary according to the level of equipment selected. They include an RDS radio, CD drive, GSM hands-free telephone, automatic and manual emergency call system, voice synthesis and recognition, a graphics screen or a large 175mm screen and an audio-video connector to watch a film when the car is stationary.

These functions are accessible from a telematics control unit in the form of a rosette, located in the centre of the dashboard.


Exemplary driving pleasure and a relaxing driving position

Whatever their body shape and preferences, all drivers will be able to find their ideal driving position. By adjusting the seat and steering wheel, the driver can opt for a saloon- or MPV-type driving position, while maintaining the panoramic view of the road much loved by buyers of people-carriers.
The driver's seat offers fore-and-aft adjustment over 22 cm (compared with 17 cm on the Evasion/Synergie and height adjustment over 5 cm with a low point of 35 cm. The steering wheel has a travel distance of 4 cm (height and reach).

The control unit provides excellent legibility in all circumstances since it is integral with the wheel. Placed in a highly ergonomic position on the dashboard, the gearlever "falls" easily to hand.

High-performance, economical engines with minimal environmental impact

The engine range comprises three petrol and two diesel powerplants.

  • The entry-level 2.0 16V develops 100 kW ECE (138 bhp DIN) at 6,000 rpm with torque of 190 Nm at 4,100 rpm. It offers generous power and torque at intermediate engine speeds.

  • The 2.2i 16V engine develops 116 kW ECE (160 bhp DIN) at 5,650 rpm with torque of 217 Nm at 3,900 rpm. The C8 is the first CitroŽn vehicle to offer this engine. A latest-generation model offering superlative driving pleasure, the engine features variable timing to provide more torque at low speeds and two balancer shafts for velvety smooth operation.

  • The 3.0i V6 engine is a model of powerful, silky strength. Recently revamped, this V6 engine is already fitted on the C5, CitroŽn's high-end saloon. As a result of technical modifications, which mainly concerned the design of the combustion chambers, the timing system and efforts to reduce friction, maximum power has been increased to 150 kW ECE (208 bhp DIN) at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque to 285 Nm at 3,750 rpm.

  • The 2.0 16V HDi engine coupled with the particulate filter develops 79 kW ECE (109 bhp DIN) at 4,000 rpm with maximum torque of 270 Nm at 1,750 rpm. The high torque available from low engine speeds (190 Nm at 1 ,250 rpm) promotes smooth driving. The air intake system creates a variable swirl to ensure that the fuel is completely burned, and thus to improve performance and reduce emissions. This engine is aimed at customers concerned about economy in use and who are looking for a high level of driving pleasure.

  • The 2.2 16V HDi engine coupled with the particulate filter develops 94 kW ECE (130 bhp DIN) at 4,000 rpm with torque of 314 Nm at 2,000 rpm. It features the latest advanced technologies including the variable-geometry turbocharger, an air-intake system providing variable swirl, two balancer shafts to limit vibrations and a twin-mass engine flywheel to filter cyclical engine vibrations. This engine is aimed at customers looking for performance and pleasure while maintaining economy in use.

All 2.0 and 2.2 HDi diesel engines fitted on the C8 feature the particulate filter (PF), a major breakthrough in environmental protection. This porous device traps the carbon particles in the exhaust gases. From time to time, the filter undergoes automatic regeneration, and the particles are burned. The PF gives the HDi engines an environmental advantage by doing away with virtually all particles and black fumes, whatever the driving conditions. The PF is part of a strategy to reduce pollutant emissions that goes far beyond the future environmental standards of the European Union, with no trade-off in driving pleasure.

Automatic, sequential transmission

This type of automatic transmission system is designed to meet drivers' needs by adapting to their individual driving styles while leaving them free to change gears manually. It brings significant benefits in terms of driving comfort and safety. Automatic transmission with sequential control is available with the 3.0i V6 engine and will soon be offered with the 2.0i 16V engine. These new transmissions can be switched to "manual" or "sequential" mode with a sequential control system, or automatic mode. In manual mode, the driver manages gear selection by pushing the gear lever forwards or backwards. In this way, he can adopt a sportier or more dynamic driving style. The gear currently selected is displayed on the control unit positioned on the steering wheel.

Unshakeable trust

Today, more than ever, customers set great store by safety, and rightly so. The CitroŽn C8 satisfies this requirement in full, with respect to both its functions and its equipment. In all areas, it ranks among the best high-spec people-carriers.

Dynamic qualities worthy of a saloon

The C8 must build on the image established by the Evasion/Synergie as a reference in terms of performance. To this end, the C8 is fitted with new reinforced front suspension for improved driving pleasure and easier handling in the city with a reduced turning circle. Moreover, the mechanical components have been sized to satisfy the most stringent impact standards. The main changes concern the wishbone joints, the broader track and the increased diameter of the anti-roll bar. The rear suspension is of a completely new design, with a flexible transverse beam and a larger anti-roll bar for impeccable handling.