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The top-end MPV combining elegance and driving pleasure

Strict control of consumption and emissions

This engine also features a new ECCS combustion chamber (Extreme Conventional Combustion System) which optimises the air/fuel mix, and a third generation common rail whose pressure has been pushed up to 1,800 bars to ensure a finer fuel spray. This combination cuts emissions by around 30% compared with the previous generation 2.2-litre HDi while at the same time enhancing performance levels.
The new engine, which is systematically fitted with a particulate filter (DPFS), thus delivers combined-cycle consumption of 7.2 litres per 100 km and CO2 emissions of 191 g/km.

Upgraded running gear

The C8's running gear has been adapted to match the more dynamic powertrain performance.
Fitted in all versions with pseudo-MacPherson strut suspension at the front and a torsion beam axle at the rear, the C8 has excellent directional stability and steering precision.
In its HDi 173 DPFS version, the C8 is also equipped with special rear shock absorbers and a special anti-roll bar, while the stiffness of the front struts has been stepped up. The overall result of these enhancements is the best possible trade-off between roadholding and comfort for active safety and top-level driving pleasure.

Optimised braking

To adapt the braking components to the C8's enhanced performance levels, they have been resized: the ventilated 310 x 32 mm discs at the front have been enlarged, and are linked to dual-piston calipers. This configuration provides the C8 with precise, fade-free and easy-to-gauge braking.

Concentrated technology for exemplary well-being and safety

Intelligent driving assistance

The inclusion of the HDi 173 DPFS engine in the C8 range is accompanied by the arrival of complementary equipment to ensure the highest possible level of well-being.
The largest CitroŽn MPV is now equipped, in its Exclusive version, with front and rear parking aid systems.
Sensors in the front and rear bumpers detect obstacles near the vehicle. Audio signals played through the various loudspeakers, and a representation of the parking manoeuvre on the multi-function dashboard screen, show the precise location of any obstacles in the detection zone.
The C8 is equipped as standard on the Exclusive version with the new NaviDrive telematics system. Complete with a large colour screen, this system combines, together with the features of an integrated GSM phone, audio functions (radio, MP3-compatible CD player, hard disk storage up to 30 gigabytes, 10 of which are available in the Jukebox) and GPS navigation. The NaviDrive system has also been designed to offer complementary features: CitroŽn Emergency, CitroŽn Assistance, and CitroŽn On Line. Combined with the GPS and telephone functions, CitroŽn Emergency enables, depending on the country concerned, the determination of the vehicle's location in the event of accident or driver incapacity, and access to call centre services.
The C8 can also be fitted with a Bluetooth hands-free kit, depending on the trim level, enabling the driver to easily use a cell phone while focusing complete attention on the driving situation.

Comprehensive safety equipment

To provide the driver with all the information and assistance needed for peace of mind, the C8 is equipped with a speed limiter, combined with the standard equipment cruise control depending on the country, and a low-tyre pressure detection system (available in some equipment packs) which identifies the wheel concerned.
Furthermore, to ensure maximum safety for occupants, all C8 models are equipped with a series of active safety systems, such as ABS, ASR, ESP, EBA and automatic warning light activation. And to ensure exemplary protection for all passengers, 6 airbags are available as standard equipment.
The effectiveness of all this equipment, combined with the car's outstanding structural resistance, is reflected in the 5-star rating awarded to the C8 in the EuroNCAP test.

By seamlessly matching the C8's features with the most powerful four-cylinder HDi engine in the CitroŽn range, the C8 HDi 173 DPFS offers outstanding motoring comfort, unique styling, remarkable spaciousness and equipment that make it one of the best in its class.

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