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  • CitroŽn's new compact hatchback combines the singular personality of the C4 Cactus with the comfort and spaciousness of the C4 hatchback. New C4 Cactus retains all of its originality in the form of its unique design that has been upscaled with new panels and a prestigious front end, redesigned wings, slimmer and repositioned Airbumpģ panels, plus new 3D-effect LED rear lights.

  • An ultra-comfortable hatchback that takes automotive well-being into a new dimension: a new standard-setter for comfort, notably through the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™ (PHC) suspension system, a first in Europe, and the new Advanced Comfort seats, a world first, as well as significantly enhanced acoustic insulation

  • Interior design that enhances cabin space, comfort and well-being.

  • A compact hatchback featuring 12 driver assistance systems, three connectivity technologies, and efficient and high-performance engines.

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The New C4 Cactus conserves the essence of the C4 Cactus with its unique attitude and originality through its overall balance and generous forms. But it has been changed to adapt to the cues of compact hatchbacks with extra status and purity. It features a new, broader front end including new LED daytime running lights extending out from the chevrons and stretching across the entire width of the car, sharper headlamps underscored by gloss black inserts, and a bodycoloured bumper with side scoops for extra vitality. At the rear, the smooth and pure body-coloured tailgate is highlighted by new 3D-effect LED lights whose slim and chiselled form widens the vehicle while lending it a more contemporary air.
The car's dynamic look is further enhanced by the side scoops. The wings of the New C4 Cactus host the new Airbumpģ design, more slim-line and set lower on the body, adapting to hatchback styling while ensuring body protection at all times. The new model is a resolutely fresh and different compact hatchback, modern and prestigious, and with broad appeal.

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With its full forms, horizontal boot inspiring robustness and protection, and horizontal waistline conferring hatchback body styling, the New C4 Cactus sits firmly on its four wheels located at the four corners. Boasting an optimised architecture based on the PSA Group's PF1, the New C4 Cactus has a wheelbase of 2.60 m, typical of compact hatchbacks and ensuring generous spaciousness for all passengers. Overhang is reduced for extra agility and handling in town. With its compact exterior dimensions (4.17 m long, 1.71 m wide), the New C4 Cactus returns to the source of compact hatchbacks, offering spaciousness and true versatility in town, suburban areas and out on the open road.

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With its pure and monolithic lines, the New C4 Cactus possesses a flowing and well-balanced design, both dynamic and reassuring and with no aggression or one-upmanship in its styling. The seamless continuity between the front end, sides and rear end gives an impression of harmony and refinement, enhancing the vehicle's strong and distinctive styling.
The monolithic body styling and flowing curves retain strong graphic components focused on functionality and fully in step with CitroŽn's formal styling language.

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The new front end features the CitroŽn identity and has been given a broader look. It now sports two-tiered lights and a play between the chevrons and the LED daytime light signature, in the same spirit as other CitroŽn models. The new LED DRLs, sharp and high-tech, extend the chromed brand emblem across the entire front end, contrasting with a gloss black support that lends an extra touch of elegance. The new headlamps, honed for more vitality, are hemmed by a gloss black surround, for additional contrast and depth. In another classic CitroŽn graphic touch, the fog lamps can be enhanced by a decorative insert. The air intake grille is underlined by a chromed strip for more refinement.

In profile, the New C4 Cactus has impressive flow. With its ideal proportions – one-third glass surfaces and two-thirds body – and controlled height of 1.48 m (in the segment average), the new model is strong on aerodynamics. It is topped by a floating roof created by a 360į sequence of glazed surfaces. With gloss black A pillars, the glazed area extends around the entire body, forming a continuity with the rear window by means of originally styled quarterlights, the body colour being framed by two gloss black components that lend finesse and elegance to this classic CitroŽn feature. This area is home to the "Cactus" suffix, a true sign of the car's originality. The stylish and practical roof bars, typically CitroŽn, are available as an option on the New C4 Cactus (depending on the country).

For optimal protection, especially in town, the New C4 Cactus is equipped with wheel-arch and sill protection together with more slim-line Airbumpģ on the lower parts of the doors, fully encircling the body in the continuity of the sill, and making the new model the best protected in the compact hatchback segment. These protective components keep vehicle repair and retouch costs down, which is vital for all customers, especially companies. The new position of the Airbumpģ boosts the vitality and prestige of the body styling and also enlivens the body sides through touches of colour.

The new rear lights with two oblong 3D-effect LED modules on each side of the vehicle constitute a graphic and high-tech light signature. As with all the Brand's most recent models, the light signature is instantly recognisable, immediately attracting the eye and highlighting the width of the car. The new, broader lights extend onto the new body-coloured tailgate, with its pure and premium styling, lending extra vitality and the impression of width to the entire rear end and its pure and flowing shapes. The body-coloured bumper marries the fluid curves of the sides and the tailgate, heightening the model's smooth and pure look.

The gills in the front and rear bumpers emphasise the impression of width and underscore the body's
aerodynamics. They further strengthen the expressiveness and vitality of the New C4 Cactus.

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The interior of the New C4 Cactus retains all the strengths of the C4 Cactus, which stands as a precursor on the interior styling of CitroŽn cars. It suggests comfort and well-being as soon as the doors are opened. Light-filled and warm, the cabin is designed like a cocoon, with pure shapes, soft materials and relaxing colours. The ultra-comfortable hatchback brings customers a modern, elegant and laid-back ambience whatever the circumstances, standing as a true invitation to travel.

The New C4 Cactus features a low-set dashboard with refined tones and a horizontal design, on which the central tablet and fully digital instrument panel, displaying essential driving information, seem to float. The 100% digital driving interface provides an airy and connected driver's station, the controls grouped around the 7-inch tablet with a standard-fit capacitive screen. The pure and uncluttered cabin immediately inspires a sense of ease and warmth.

Designed for well-being and peace of mind, the interior is home to a glove box equipped with straps, buckles and an embossed pattern, in the purest tradition of luggage and the world of travel. This same spirit applies to the straps that serve as door handles, inviting occupants to take to the road and travel.

For heightened spaciousness and comfort, the New C4 Cactus has a transversal design expressed in graphic continuity in the form of a contrasting strip across the top of the seatbacks. This graphic design feature, applied to the front and rear seats alike, lends a touch of refinement and originality. It is a staple feature of CitroŽn interiors, providing extra subtlety and energy.

All the occupants benefit from a pleasant feeling of well-being and space thanks to the panoramic glass roof with High Thermal Protection. Treated to let light through while guarding against glare, the panoramic roof blocks out heat and UV rays to the same degree as category-4 sunglasses. With its performances in terms of light, thermal and acoustic protection, there is no need for a sun blind, which serves to enhance luminosity as well as spaciousness and efficiency, as there is no loss in headroom, weight is reduced and the centre of gravity lowered.

With the New C4 Cactus, premium features are located where customers require them for everyday use. The softtouch thermocoated dashboard strip harmonises with the upholstery, while soft straps enhance the interior with a distinguished note. The New C4 Cactus cabin is home to numerous gloss black areas, including the air vent surrounds, the extremities of the dashboard strip, the lower spoke of the steering wheel, the instrument panel and tablet surround, and the new central console area. These design schemes blend harmoniously with the satin chrome touches on the door opening controls, the button panel under the tablet, the inserts in the lower spoke of the steering wheel, the gear-stick base surround on the new central console, the area around the door straps, and the Top Box glove box. The newoptional upholstery ambiances were selected for their softness and pleasantness to the touch.

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Outside, the New C4 Cactus is eminently customisable and elegant, with a total of 31 exterior combinations. The palette of nine body colours highlights personality with hues that are timeless (Polar White, Obsidian Black, Platinum Grey and Cumulus Grey), fresh (Sport Red, Tapenade Grey) and refined (Emerald Blue, Pearl White, Deep Purple).

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