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1979 article from le Double Chevron 58 about the CX Ambulance

Chief asset: the Citroen hydropneumatic suspension, which neutralizes running vibrations at any speed and maintains the patient or casualty as it were on air cushions over the road.

Its road-holding qualities, its servo-return power-assisted steering, its unfailing assisted braking will, in any weather, permit the high average speed sometimes necessary in an emergency.

Such is the CX ambulance. Derived from the CX Estate and fitted out by Heuliez, it complies with the standards of the French Ministry of Health. It will transport the driver and his assistant, the reclining patient, plus one or two accompanying persons.

Driving equipement

The standard complementary fittings include: I2-volt socket (150 W max.) on the forward bracket, flashing emergency light, radio-telephone earth strap and coaxial cable built into roof, emergency horn (sounding A-C-A), road horn, electrically operated windows in forward doors, radio equipment, H4 headlamps, etc.

The partition between cab and patient compartment is so designed that it allows the driverís seat to slide front to rear and to be adjusted for height, and its back to recline.

The patientís compartment

This compartment is fitted with: a partition (sliding windows) between the driverís cab and the patient, a roller blind behind the driver," storage chest, cadmium-plated rail-path and guide for the stretcher, floor covering of washable tapiflex, independent heating by water circulation with hot-air blower, two-part tailgate, the lower acting as a shelf for greater stretcher manoeuvrability.

Two seats, one facing and the other with its back to the road, both adjustable in depth and fitted with reclining backs, racks for two oxygen cylinders, 12 V (150 W max.) socket on desk, alarm bell to driver, extractor fan in roof, rail on roof to suspend drip infusion bottles.

Two engines, two gearboxes

The ambulances can be fitted either with the 2 400 petrol engine developing 115 HP DIN at 5 500 rpm, or with the 2 500 Diesel (75 HP DIN at 4 250 rpm).

A 5-speed gearbox is optional on this case.

Below pamphlet for 1976 CX Break Ambulance
1976 CX Ambulance

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