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1980 article from le Double Chevron 61 about the CX Camping made by CMS Aubercar

Three rooms, kitchen, toilet facilities on 7’ 10” inside length by 6’2 3/4‚ such in the living unit offered by Mr Aubert, of the firm of CMS Aubercar at Notlan-le-Fuzelier, in central France, for installation on your Diesel or petrol CX, to house three.

All too often the ‚”camping car” formula is connected with a large, clumsy vehicle of dubious manoeuvrability. The idea of transforming a CX saloon into a camping-car is not devoid of interest: comfort, silence and constant ground clearance are built in. And while the camping-car’s canopy considerably increases the frontal area and interferes with the car’s air-penetration coefficient, this still remains sufficiently low for the car to do over 80 mph for a consumption of about 31 mpg in the case of the CX 2500 Diesel.

The added “camping” part is made up of a 2.36” x 1.18” x 0.12” angle-iron framework bolted to the standard car platform. The sandwich-panel partitions ensure proper insulation and soundproofing. The roof can be raised on collapsible walls to a height of 6’4”.

There are two doors, one on the right-hand side, the other at the rear.

Among the fittings are a 26-gal. water tank supplying the sink and washbasin through an electric pump, a water-heater and a standard 28-lb butane gas cylinder; an 11-gal (1 3/4 cu. ft.) refrigerator, a chemical or pulping closet; and an electric circuit comprising dual batteries and a rectifying charger.

Layout: coming in from the back, washing facilities (partitioned off) lie to the right (washbasin, WC, shower, cupboard), a kitchenette to the left. Two persons canoccupy a bed measuring 4’ 1”x 6’ 2” breadthwise, where the table and two seats normally are. Above, in the canopy: storage space, or a 3rd bed measuring 6’ 0” lengthwise.

Not Buckingham Palace, of course, but for an overall outside length of only 16’ 4 ?”, a width of 6’ 6” and a height of 6’ 10”, not too bad, don’t you think?

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