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1980 article from le Double Chevron 61 about the CX Penthouse made by Dubicamper

Dreamy holidays, unusual weekends, and in any case speedy travel and comfortable camping are the aims the designers of that exceptional camping-car, the CX “Penthouse” admit to having pursued. _
It is a special version of the Citroen CX GTi, whose rear portion has been completely reconditioned by lengthening the platform and fitting a fibre-glass compartment on a double axle fitted with Tissier-system hydropneumatic suspension.

With the CX GTi’s injection engine, this six- wheeler camping-car is not only the fastest in the world, it is also one of the most comfortable.
The forward compartment retains the layout and fittings of a CX GTi, but has only one door on the left, against two saloon-doors on the right side.


The completely insulated rear compartment, fitted out by Dubicamper, is divided into two parts : a toilet area and a living area.
The toilet area comprises a washbasin, a bidet bath, a shower and a WC. A 44-gal. water tank supplies the taps.
Sullage is collected in a special holding tank.


The living area includes a double bed - which in daytime converts into a divan - a table, a gas cooker, a refrigerator, a sink, an “Espresso” coffee-maker, a 3 stereo system with tuner, amplifier and cassette deck, a radio-alarm-clock, a television set and a telephone.
The bellows-mounted roof can be raised and lowered electrically. It makes it possible to move about standing up when the vehicle is at rest.
The living quarter’s electric supply comes from an independent generator.
They have their own air conditioning system and heating.

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