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1981 article from le Double Chevron 63 about the CX Econometer

The petrol-powered, mechanical-gearbox 1981 CXs are fitted with an econometer; its role is to keep the driver informed as to how he is using his car from the standpoint of fuel consumption.

The consumption curve is visualized by 4 pilot lights set at the top of the instrument panel.

From left to right:

  • green: low consumption, or engine braking,

  • green + amber: consumption increasing,

  • green + amber + red: consumption heavy,

  • bright red: consumption excessive (strong acceleration or choke out).

This distributor (which indicates the engine speed, and by differential calculus, the acceleration) and an anaeroid capsule (which measures the pressure drop in the inlet manifold)feed data into an electronic computer which indicates the type of consumption by controlling the on/off switching of the corresponding pilot light or lights.

A master switch can cut out the econometer, if the driver so desires.

The GSA was also fitted with the Econometer

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