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A compact and intelligent leisure activity vehicle

A Combi XTR version for enhanced leisure capacities 

Nemo will also attract young, dynamic customers looking for a practical and economical vehicle that is suitable for sporting and leisure activities.  With its special equipment and styling, Nemo XTR further underlines the leisure capacities of Nemo Combi. This XTR version comprises a raised suspension system, 15-inch wheels with embellishers, a skid plate under the engine, and reinforced side protection (broad side mouldings, side guards, front bumper trim) and fog lamps on the bottom part of the bumper. Roof bars complete the list of equipment supplied with the XTR trim. Nemo Combi can thus carry a load of up to 100 kg on the roof, including cumbersome leisure equipment such as surfboards or bikes. Nemo XTR is thus equipped for leisure activities in the city and on the roughest terrain.

Nemo Combi: designed for easy and convenient access in all circumstances 

  • One or two large sliding side doors 

Nemo Combi ships with one or two large sliding side doors for easy access to the rear of the vehicle. A wide opening provides easy access, even in the tightest spaces. 

  • Rear asymmetric swing doors  

Nemo Combi features a cleverly designed cabin that also provides efficient and easy access to the rear. It is fitted as standard with 60:40 rear asymmetric swing doors. The narrowest door is on the right. This makes it easier to access the back of the vehicle when space is limited. A convenient control function opens the doors to almost180į.

The boot sill, ideally located at a height of 53 cm from the ground, makes loading/unloading easy.

In countries where this is allowed by the highway code, the right-hand door can be left open to carry long loads. The registration plate and the third stop light – positioned on the left-hand swing door – can still be seen.

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