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CitroŽn Picasso - Adieu 

Having been on sale in the UK for more than 10 years - and with over 270,000 examples sold - CitroŽn UK is bidding a fond farewell to one of the most popular MPVs of all time - the Xsara Picasso.

Presented to critical acclaim at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999, Xsara Picasso quickly established itself as the best-selling retail multi-purpose vehicle in the UK.  Families at the start of the new millennium soon recognised the appeal of the car’s distinctive styling, innovative cabin design, bright and spacious interior, and impressive safety credentials.

The model was also popularised by a long-running TV advertising campaign that featured mischievous and artistically-talented production line robots - one of the most memorable advertising campaigns of the time.  

Combining practicality with fresh new styling, Xsara Picasso soon became the family vehicle of choice for thousands of image-conscious parents across the country - who immediately felt the benefit of its numerous storage compartments for clutter-free driving and unique features like the wheeled ‘Modubox’ for carrying shopping.

An environmental pioneer for the segment, Xsara Picasso later became available with an HDi 110hp DPFS engine - so becoming the first compact MPV to be fitted with a diesel particulate filter.

Building on Xsara Picasso’s success, CitroŽn expanded the Picasso range in January 2007 with the arrival of the larger 7-seat Grand C4 Picasso - followed by the 5-seat C4 Picasso later that spring. 

In 2009, CitroŽn launched the award-winning C3 Picasso.  A compact MPV for the new decade, C3 Picasso shares the same innovative and distinctive spirit as Xsara Picasso, with its class-leading space and modularity in a new and funky design.  With more than 12,000 examples already sold in the UK, C3 Picasso is now winning the hearts and minds of a new generation of MPV buyers who value stand-out styling, innovative interior design, flexible carrying capacity, low CO2 emissions and impressive fuel economy.  

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