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CitroŽn C3 Pluriel

A unique car with a host of configurations

The C3 range offers a demonstration of CitroŽn’s vitality and creative talent.

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C3 Pluriel Cabriolet: a different kind of elegance

The C3 Pluriel quickly changes from a saloon to a cabriolet.

The soft top folds back onto the rear window to form a roof cartridge that retracts completely under the boot floor.

The passenger compartment opens up completely in just a few moments, to become that of a cabriolet. The C3 Pluriel takes on a new identity – strikingly different to that of the saloon – with a body style that is both open and protective, structured by the elegant arches.

C3 Pluriel Spider: sheer pleasure

It takes just one person just a few seconds to turn the C3 Pluriel into a 4-seater Spider. No tooling is needed.

The user simply unlocks the arches at front and rear in order to disconnect them from the structure.

The Spider configuration highlights the pure lines of the C3 Pluriel and adds a cheerful, lively facet to its personality.

C3 Pluriel Spider Pick-up: modularity at will

The C3 Pluriel Spider brings users a level of practical convenience rarely seen on a convertible.

The rear compartment features an opening mechanism that is both practical and original. The tailgate opens downwards, creating a wide space for placing heavy objects and sliding them forwards on the flat floor, or even for sitting down.

The C3 Pluriel Spider is highly modular since the rear seats with their integrated belts can be folded down to instantly free up a flat surface running through to the backs of the front seats.

The C3 Pluriel range will feature a single trim level at launch, with two petrol engines: 1.4i 54 kW EEC (75 bhp DIN) and 1.6i 16V 80 kW EEC (110 bhp DIN), equipped as standard with the SensoDrive robotised manual gearbox.

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C3 Pluriel, from saloon to panoramic saloon:

a new approach to everyday driving

Embodying the spirit of a true leisure vehicle, the C3 Pluriel brings users the rare and exclusive pleasure of an exceptional travelling experience.

Based directly on the C3 range and featuring all the values of the saloon models, the C3 Pluriel invites users to interrupt the monotony of everyday driving.

Designed first and foremost as a car for day-to-day use, it outperforms most of the saloons in its category in terms of practical and ingenious design.

The C3 Pluriel adds a new dimension to vehicle design, drawing upon the power of the imagination with increased creativity. Its unique personality is an invitation to a new – multi-faceted – travelling experience.

Embodying the spirit of a true leisure vehicle, the C3 Pluriel brings users the rare and exclusive pleasure of an exceptional travelling experience.

C3 Pluriel Saloon

The strong, fluid lines and generous volumes of the C3 Pluriel create a harmonious whole. The styling subtly indicates membership of the C3 family, while the specific bodywork gives the car its own personality.

A family look with individual styling

The size of the C3 Pluriel immediately attracts attention, particularly its height of 1.56 m (three centimetres more than the C3).

Measuring 3.93 m in length and 1.70 m in width, it is placed squarely at the top end of its category.

In its closed saloon configuration, the C3 Pluriel resem-bles a ball of energy with its dynamic, curving lines.

A front end of character

The generous volumes of the front end – exclusive to the C3 Pluriel – give it its expression:

  • the bumper brings leisure activities to mind,
  • the rounded lines of the bonnet feature generously sized chevrons,
  • the characteristic shape of the headlamps, positioned high up on the wings, give the C3 Pluriel an animated look,
  • the indicators, which have the original form of “drops of light”, underline the unusual character of this car and the attention given to each detail.
The profile, an essential component in the styling of the C3 Pluriel

The profile is structured by the bonnet and – above all – by the curve of the arches that extend to the rear of the vehicle.

The original convex waist line of the C3 Pluriel is another key feature that gives structure to the profile, while clearly indicating membership of the C3 family.

The elegant curve of the arches highlights the glazed surface area and the absence of a central pillar.

This layout creates a perception of interior space and visibility, even at the rear.

The arches are either light grey (Aluminium) or dark grey (Fulminator) depending on the body colour.

This two-tone colour scheme of the body and arches accentuates the unusual volumes of the C3 Pluriel and highlights its potential as a convertible.

The curving wings give power to the styling, emphasising the strength of the wheel aches and lower body.

C3 Pluriel, immediately recognisable, even when viewed from the rear

The protective lines of the bumper bring leisure activities to mind.

The aluminium design of the rear lights – identifiable at a glance – adds relief and character.

And CitroŽn signs its name in eye-catching chrome-plated lettering, extending along the full width of the rear window.

This approach based on differentiated body styles – a basic saloon and a convertible – makes the C3 Pluriel unlike any other car currently

on the market. A car with a difference, based on an innovative concept, it is immediately recognisable.

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